June 19, 2017

VIDEO: Why Is Coffee Aroma So Important For Coffee Flavour?


You don’t just taste your coffee. You smell it. In fact, ask some people and they’ll say that their favourite thing about their morning brew is its delicious aroma.

But why is smell so important? We searched the internet for insights into the aroma of science, and came up with two video resources. Get ready to learn all about coffee aroma.

Why Is Smell Important for Flavour?

In the first video, Eater looks at why smell is so important for flavour (also known as why coffee lids may keep your drink hot, but you’ll probably enjoy your drink less). Bonus point: you’ll discover it’s a good idea to let coffee rest on your tongue before drinking it.

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The Science Behind Coffee Aroma

Want to learn even more of the science behind aroma? Last year, surgeon Simon Gane spoke at the International Coffee Organization (ICO) on how we smell coffee. Watch this recording of the comprehensive and highly scientific explanation.

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Feature photo credit: waferboard via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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