October 7, 2016

1 Brewing Device, 3 Brew Methods: A VIDEO on the Silverton


One brewing device, three different brew methods. Yes, we’re talking about the Yama Silverton. This elegant piece of equipment is suitable for immersion, pour over, and cold brew coffee – and some even use it for tea!

What’s more, on a scale of how much it belongs on Breaking Bad, it’s somewhere between the Chemex and the vacpot syphon. Unfortunately, unlike the Chemex it’ll also set you back a pretty penny… but that doesn’t stop us from wanting one.

How to Use a Yama Silverton

This first video from Whole Latte Love introduces the Hunter Cold Brew Coffee Maker, the syphon, and the Silverton. (Skip to 0:50 to view  just the section on the Silverton.)

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One thing Whole Latte Love don’t look at, however, is the ability to regulate the flow. Simply remove the ceramic stopcock and adjust the valve as you wish. Be careful, though – some have said that, when brewing hot coffee, the knob for the valve can get very hot.

Watch Matt Hing take advantage of this here:

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And that’s the Silverton! Easy to use? Probably not. Fun to experiment with? No doubt. Cool points? Absolutely.

Feature photo credit: Whole Latte Love

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