January 19, 2017

Why Should Your Coffee Bloom? A VIDEO Experiment


Anyone who’s ever been on Instagram knows how much we love our coffee blooms. But what are they? Why do they happen? And are they really necessary? Find out in today’s curated video guide.

What Is a Coffee Bloom?

As Roasty Coffee explain, the bloom is the release of carbon dioxide present from roasting. But some coffees bloom better than others. Discover more in this short-and-sweet clip.

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Why Is Coffee Bloom a Good Thing?

The bloom is an important part of the brewing process. Skip it, and you risk your coffee tasting flat or somehow lacking. But don’t just take our word for it – watch Joe from Seattle Coffee Gear experiment with no bloom, an average bloom, and a 90-second bloom.

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Coffee blooms: they look like magic, AND they’re good for your coffee.

Feature photo credit: Roasty Coffee via YouTube

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