October 31, 2016

Londoners: Why Attend Prufrock & Mulmar’s Brewing Competition?


Wish you could watch the Brewers Cup in person? To smell the trophy-winning coffee as it’s being made?

But can’t make it to Budapest – or just can’t wait until Budapest?

Then watch local brewing competitions instead. And Londoners, you’re in luck: Prufrock Coffee, Mulmar, and Mazzer are holding one on Thursday evening. It’s too late to register to compete, but observers are welcome.

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Mazzer grinders

The Mazzer ZM Filter at Prufrock Coffee. Credit: Prufrock Coffee

Why Attend Brewing Competitions?

  1. Improve Your Brewing: Competing is an excellent way to improve your brewing – but so is watching others compete. You’ll see winners’ recipes and observe their techniques, ready for you to practise at home. You’ll hear the judges’ feedback. And you may even get the chance to ask competitors about their brews.
  2. Be Part of a Dialogue: Great innovations don’t happen in a vacuum. It’s the conversations among passionate professionals and coffee-lovers that create them. And you can be a part of it. Talking to other attendees about brewing methods, industry issues, and more will lead to new recipes and new ideas.
  3. Make Connections: Coffee is about people, from the farmers to the consumers. Make new connections by attending events – who knows where they’ll lead?

Mulmar Mazzer prizes at Prufrock Brewing Competition

London Hand-Brewing Competition: The Details

An independent brewing competition on the 3rd of November, this event is delightfully low on restrictions. Use any coffee you wish and any brew method you choose to bring. It’s coffee and water only – no lattes, no syrups, and definitely no Irish coffees. A judging panel will cup the coffees.

Prufrock will make their ZM Filter Grinder available for competitors, and it’s the only one in the UK. So if you’re curious about this machine – which Prufrock describe as “extraordinary” – then it’s your opportunity to see it in action.

Oh, and as for the prizes, the event sponsors Mazzer and Mulmar (Mazzer’s UK importer) are providing a trip to Venice for two (flights and accommodation), a trip to the Mazzer factory in Venice, and a Mini Mazzer.

Prufrock Coffee is on Leather Lane, London. It’s home to Jeremy Challender, the 2016 UK Brewers Cup Champion, and Gwilym Davies, 2009 World Barista Champion.

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