September 27, 2016

VIDEOS: How Origin Trips Can Help Producers & Green Bean Buyers


Origin trips: you’ll hear the words spoken with reverence in the specialty coffee industry. But what actually happens on them? And why are they so valuable?

Find out in these three videos.

Origin Trips for the Green Bean Buyer

Ian Clark of Bridgehead Coffee takes viewers through his trip to Peru in 2013, explaining his daily routine. From sampling coffees to visiting farms, he shares what he does and how he makes his decisions. (Spoiler: cupping, cupping, and more cupping.)

He also speaks to Eli Roman Castilla of the Cebicafen Coop about how her cooperative is taking steps towards specialty, including the use of a quality control lab, and farmer Juan Albarez of El Milagro Coop. Finally, he looks at how coffee is sampled to measure future weight loss due to defects and determine prices.

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If you got the impression from Ian Clark’s interviews that relationship-building is important, you’re right. Sasa Sestic of Project Origin visited Honduras in 2013, and one thing he’s passionate about is relationship coffee. Here he explains how and why origin trips helps him to build relationships with producers.

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Working With Producers Towards Specialty

First of all, we should say in the interest of full disclosure that the Perfect Daily Grind Editor actually went on this final origin trip – the Ally Coffee‘s Champions Origin Tour 2016. (Spot her at 1:25.)

You might wonder whether a coffee champions’ tour – featuring individuals such as Tetsu Kasuya, Lem Butler, and Andrea Allen – can reflect the impact of an coffee professional’s trip. Yet this video shows the impact that green bean buyers and exporters can have on producers’ farming methods – and incomes.

As Priscila Brioschi of Sitio Retiro do Ipê, Brazil says, “I believe that dealing with specialty coffees will be the only way for us to succeed. We are investing in producing specialty coffee because you can add value to your product by producing better quality.”

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Feature photo credit: Ally Coffee

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