February 20, 2017

Your One-Stop VIDEO Guide to Grinding Coffee


Getting your grind size wrong is one quick way to ruin your coffee. We’re talk over-extracted, bitter coffee that tastes like it was roasted far too dark – even though it wasn’t. Or a brew so sour it’s more like candy than coffee. You know the kind of candy I mean: the mouth-tingling kind. And coffee shouldn’t taste like that.

But once you’ve got your head round the basics of grinding, it’s easy. So in today’s video guide, we’re going to look at how to grind, what type of grinder to get, and what grind sizes should be working with. Watch these three videos to never get your grind wrong again.

Basic Rules to Coffee Grinding

Roasty Coffee starts us off with five basic rules of grinding coffee. They explain what kinds of grinders are on the market, and also the different grind sizes for different manual brewing methods. It’s invaluable insight.

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Grinding For Espresso

But wait, that video was focused on manual brewing. What about espresso? Mark and Morgan from Whole Latte Love come to the rescue, with a video on how to dial in your grinder for espresso.

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Grind Size: The Science

Of course, we’ve been talking about the importance of grind size without talking about the science behind it. Why is it so important? How can you experiment with it? And what basic parameters should you stay within? Joe from Seattle Coffee Gear spills the beans (pardon the pun).

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