July 18, 2016

Heart and Soul: A VIDEO Guide to Pouring Your First Latte Art


As Mike Jones of Third Rail Coffee, NYC says, latte art shows that the person who made it cares – and how better to do that than with a heart?

For most people, this is the first latte art they learn how to do. It’s relatively simple, it’s sweet, and it’ll make even the grumpiest of customers smile. Of course, even if you’ve moved onto more complex designs, it’s always worth revisiting the basics to make sure you have perfect control.

So we’ve sourced two video guides to show you how the heart’s done.

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1. The Heart

Mike Jones of Third Rail Coffee explains step-by-step how to pour the perfect heart. He takes you through it all: the height of the milk, the velocity of the pour, and how to control the shape. Get ready to start practising.

2. The Double Heart

Now once you’ve mastered the single heart, you might want to move onto something a little more complex: the double heart.

This design may look like a heart in a heart, but when making it you’ll see that it’s closer to a heart on a heart. It requires more control and speed than the single heart, making it a good option for those looking to step up their latte art game.

Learning to pour your first latte art isn’t easy – but it’s definitely worth it. Whether you’ve poured 1,000 picture-perfect hearts or 1 wobbly is-it-a-blob-or-is-it-a-heart, you should feel proud.

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Feature photo credit: Jazzbobrown via Wikipedia

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