June 9, 2016

The Pascal Press: A New Brewing Method Explained in 2 VIDEOS


The Pascal Press is impressively simple.

An all-in-one pressure brewer and travel flask, it bears resemblance to the AeroPress, the cafetiere, and the Thermos flask – and dare we say it, it takes some of their best features and sets out to improve them.

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Many people believe you can use a cafetiere as both a brewing device and a serving device; they’re partly wrong. But with the Pascal Press, you really can do that. Once pressed, the grinds are isolated from the coffee, meaning that nasty over-brew just doesn’t happen. Throw in the ease and speed of an AeroPress, the insulation and spill-proof lid of the Thermos, and a seriously easy cleaning process – and you’ve got a really convenient brewing device, whether you’re drinking it at home or on the go.

In fact, it makes brewing specialty coffee seem almost as easy as instant.

Here’s how it works:

Of course, for specialty coffee lovers, convenience will always play second fiddle. The real thing you want to know is: how does the coffee taste? Well, the team at Fire Roasted Coffee put it to the test with both an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a Kenyan-Colombian blend. And let’s just say that they’re impressed.

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The Pascal Press is already on our wishlist. Want one for yourself? Their Kickstarter campaign starts on 21st June.

Feature photo credit: Pascal Press

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