May 11, 2016

How to Pour a Latte Art Tulip: 3 VIDEO Guides


What makes a great latte even more special, you ask? A little flower in your coffee.

You might be a seasoned barista looking to perfect the tulip, or a rookie looking for a challenge; either way, our selection of videos will have something for you.

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This short 30-second clip is a no-fuss demonstration that will show you what we’re aiming for.

Now that you’ve seen the finished article, you may need a little more instruction. Our next video breaks it down into chunks with handy tips on exactly what to do and what not to do. Have your pause function at the ready, so you can read the helpful on-screen guidance.

Fancy getting a little creative? This video is just the ticket. There are a range of different ways to master the tulip and this clip shows them all. Aiming for precision? Or are you looking for a quick, efficient method to get you through the morning rush? Whatever you want, Ona Coffee has got you covered.

So who’s ready for a latte art championship?

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Feature Photo Credit: Ang Yeesiang

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