April 29, 2017

Introducing The Porcellana: 1 Innovative Take on The Moka Pot


Say hello to the Porcellana: a new kind of stove-top espresso maker. What’s so different about it? And how do you brew coffee with it? Find out in today’s curated video article.

How Does a Stove-Top Espresso Maker Work?

These compact devices allow you to make espresso-style coffee on your stove. They are made up of three chambers: a lower one, an upper one, and a third one that sits in the middle and functions as a filter.

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To use it, place finely ground coffee in the filter and add water to the bottom chamber. Heat the espresso maker on the stove-top until pressure from the expanding air forces it up through the filter, where extraction will take place. The coffee is then forced up into the final chamber, while the grounds are left behind. Voilà, your morning coffee!

What’s Different About The Porcellana?

The Porcellana, however, is different to the traditional stove-top moka pot in one key way: the top chamber isn’t attached. In fact, instead of a metal chamber, you have a porcelain serving jug. Coffee is pushed along a wand into the jug, ready for you to pour yourself an espresso.

Discover more in this video guide from Aerolatte:

Spanish Version: Porcellana: Una Toma Innovadora de la Cafetera Moka

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Feature photo credit: Aerolatte

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