April 21, 2016

Origin Insight: Dissecting the Coffee Cherry in 2 VIDEOS


Ever wondered how your coffee grows? It may be called a “bean” but, actually, it’s a seed – and it grows inside a coffee cherry, cushioned in layers of mucilage, parchment, and pulp.

But what do these things look like? What’s their structure? And for that matter, how many coffee seeds are there in a coffee cherry? We’ve trawled through YouTube to find some solid video explanations to all these questions.

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This 30-second clip only provides the basics, but it allows you to see the coffee cherry as the producer does.

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While the first video may have whet your appetite for some coffee cherry knowledge, this video is a feast of coffee information. Thompson Owen dissects a cherry and explains exactly what each part is. What makes this video particularly interesting is that one of the coffee beans is atrophied.

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Feature Photo Credit: sweetmarias.com

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