June 17, 2016

A Grinder That Can Detect Stale Coffee Beans? A VIDEO Introduction


When are your roasted beans too old? After a few days? A month? Even longer?

The truth is that there’s no one hard-and-fast rule as to when roasted coffee beans go bad. It depends on many things, from the beans to the roast level to the storage conditions and more. But we all recognise the flat, disappointing taste of stale coffee.

The question is, could a smart grinder be the solution?

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Get It Right have spent the last year researching and developing the Voltaire, a smart grinder with a number of impressive features. We’re talking about the capacity to remember your perfect grind time, a locking lid and o-ring seal to make travelling with it a breeze, and – the thing that’s got us intrigued – the ability to measure how fresh your coffee beans are.

Voltaire will even alert you, via its own app, when it thinks you need to purchase new beans – either because you’ve run out or they’re too old.

Find out more in Get It Right’s video here:

Want a Voltaire? Or just want to find out more? It was launched this week on Kickstarter, where donations of $229 secure early birds their own smart version of the grinder. If you missed out on the early bird offer, it’s $249.

Feature photo credit: Get It Right

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