October 14, 2015

9 Reasons You Should Consider Dating a Barista


What is it about baristas that make them so damn attractive?

Maybe it’s the way they’re always cheerful and smiling. Or maybe it’s their unwavering passion towards their craft. That intensity that sweeps over their faces when they pour the perfect latte art? Sex-yyy!

We’ve come up with 9 reasons why baristas can serve you up so much more than your morning flat white and muffin, along with 9 steamy (get it?!) pictures.

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Baristas are service-orientated

Baristas spend several thousand hours of their lives juggling people’s expectations, learning how to relate to a wide range of clientele, and entertaining a crowd. This makes them people-loving, patient individuals—meaning that you can rest assured that they will treat you right AND get along with all your friends! 

Would YOU tamp that? Credit: www.allisonwiers.com

Baristas are great listeners

Every day, baristas are flooded with a ton (and I mean a TON) of oddly specific beverage orders. These orders come at them verbally, often very quickly, and in rapid succession—which trains them to retain and process information amazingly well! A barista will always remember your birthday, your anniversary, and that 3pm hairdressing appointment you casually mentioned last week. 

Yeah girl, bean there, done that! Credit: www.allisonwiers.com

Baristas are great conversationalists

You’d be amazed at how much small talk a barista makes every single day. Much like a cocktail bar, café-goers all seem to love their drinks with a side of conversation. Whether it’s about the weather, your cat, or that one particularly obscure hipster band that you really like, a barista always feels comfortable chatting. A word of warning, though: get them talking about coffee, and you may find it hard getting them to stop! 

Which brings me to the next point:

Baristas are CRAZY passionate about their jobs

Like anybody that works in the food and beverage industry, baristas are subjected to the same long hours, hard work and low wages. That essentially means that baristas are fueled by passion and passion alone. They LOVE what they do, and what’s sexier than someone who loves what they do for a living? All that unbridled drive and ambition translates into devoted and exciting lovers—all super awesome traits, for sure!

Right in the cof-feels. Credit: www.allisonwiers.com

Baristas always smell like coffee

That’s right, breathe deep. Who cares about eau de parfum when your date could be smelling of rich, aromatic coffee?   Mm, steamy! Credit: www.allisonwiers.com

Baristas are down to earth

Working in the service industry involves dealing with messy situations. Baristas deal with spilt milk, sticky tables, scattered coffee grounds—you name it! It takes a special kind of person to be able to get down and dirty without qualms or complaint. Nothing grosses out baristas, though, so all your little quirks and habits—like your messy hair in the morning or that weird way you sneeze—would seem adorable to them. 

You’ll get all the free coffee you want—and then some!

When your barista-lover is at the bar practicing latte art or pour over techniques, guess who’s going to get a sample of that perfect cup of coffee? That’s right, you. Nothing makes a barista happier than presenting a customer with a drink that they are proud of—and this is only amplified when the recipient happens to be their special someone. 

 They’ll give the relationship their best (espresso) shot! Credit: www.allisonwiers.com

Baristas are clean

Years of mopping up spills combined with “clean-as-you-go” training make baristas obsessive when it comes to order and cleanliness. (Take it from me—a station pristine makes for a happy Christine.) So you definitely won’t have to worry about your coffee-loving-lover being a slob. Well, except for the odd coffee stained shirt or two. 

Expect a brew-tiful relationship. Credit: www.allisonwiers.com

Baristas are really good multi-taskers

Ever had to juggle the demands of an impatient crowd, a barking manager, a ridiculously long (and getting longer) list of orders, while maintaining a cheery disposition—and all at 8 in the friggin’ morning? No? Well, that’s what a barista does. The ability to not just keep cool under pressure but to remain super-meticulous and focused during what feels like armageddon means that a barista will always be calm and composed in difficult times.

There’s a whole latte reasons to date a barista! Credit: www.allisonwiers.com

So what are you waiting for? Get down to your nearest cafe and start flirting away.

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Feature Photo Credit: Derek Haas

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