January 20, 2015

Tips for Organizing an AeroPress Championship


Insights from Successful Competition Organisers & Winners…

Ximena Rubio – Organiser, Mexico (2015)

Mexico, Ximena Rubio


“Organizing a championship is organizing a big bunch of people coming together to do what they’re good at, what they love and what their passionate about. It’s great to see how it developed. It was nice to meet everyone and to learn more about coffee.”

Harald Johnson Vøyle – Organiser, Norway (2014) & Head Judge, Scotland (2014)

Harald Johnson Vøyle

“We had a great time organising the Aeropress Championship, and got 23 different sponsors of all kinds of sizes. In retrospect, we should maybe (money wise) have gone for two or three big ones. But the great thing about having 23 companies saying they believe in you, is feeling obligated to deliver that amazement and enthusiasm on. At the same time as we were proud to have the backing from awesome brands as Nordic Approach, Cask Norway and Tim Wendelboe, we also had the freedom to do “our thing”, extreme coffee enthusiasm.”

Jeff Verellen – World Champion, 2011, 2013

Jeff Verellen - World Champion, 2011, 2013

“Make a party atmosphere! Personalize the event, get a DJ, beer, prizes & media coverage..Get sponsors or ask for cash to participate. It’s about leveling the playing field, bringing the local coffee community together and having fun.”

Dinh Phong Nguyensson – Organiser, France (2014)

Dinh Phong Nguyensson - Organiser, France (2014)

“It’s all about gathering baristas and coffee nerds in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We don’t have enough of these events! It’s  a contrast to most of the official SCAA/SCAE competitions. Also, make a kick-ass poster and don’t forget media coverage.”

Brent Fortune – Organiser – USA (2014)

Brent Fortune - Organiser - USA (2014)

“The best strategy is to organize a competition away from outside of any coffee trade shows or conventions. The AeroPress comp is meant to be more of an unitimidating party-like atmosphere, with drinking, eating, perhaps some ping-pong and food trucks… A well-designed poster can go a long way towards raising the event’s coolness factor. The national events keep raising the bar on poster design – its almost become its own competition.”

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