January 20, 2015

Barista AeroPress Recipe Encyclopaedia


Most AeroPressers that have read, well, glanced, at the AeroPress recipe, have probably thought to ourselves – “2 spoonful’s! – WOW! That seems like a lotta coffee, do I really need that much”!

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So, we figured, let’s see what the coffee whizzes and AeroPress connoisseurs actually think (and drink!). And after having emailed several experts, explored copious resources dedicated to coffee (forums, blogs, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, barista and retail websites and specialty cafes), we decided to throw in some other crucial coffee specifics.

According to the AeroPress “Pressperts” – the Perfect AeroPress Recipe!

What’s the perfect grind, water volume, water temperature, coffee bean and brew time for an AeroPress?

Who? Grinds(g) How long? (seconds) How Hot? (Degrees °C) How fine? How much H20? (ml) Type of coffee?
Kaffikaze (Norway) 16 50 steep20 press 96 Bit finerthan filter 260 Fruity and acidic coffees. Not the nutty chocolatey ones.
Mile High Aeropress Club (Aerospace) 14 90 93 Damn you fine! 200 Sweet chocolate nutty coffees.
AeroPress UK 16 30 Between 90 – 95 1.4 bit finer than filter. (Micro-filter) Just fills up the AeroPress under the brim! Chocolate, nut, South American, (Has Bean is currently in the office)
Has Bean(UK) 17 40 80-85 Slightly finer than filter grind Fill container ¾ Bolivia Finca Belinda Caturra or Brazil Fazenda Passeio
Sweet Marias(US) 2/3 AeroPress spoons 20 Steep 10-20 press 90-93 Medium-fine, a bit finer than drip filter coffee Fill container – ½ to ¾
Barista Kim(Spain) 17 60 78 Slightly finer than filter grind 250 “todo lo que es bueno” – everything that tastes good!
Stumptown Coffee(US) 17 60 96 or 30 seconds off the boil As fine as table salt Just above “level 2” mark on AeroPress Kenya Gaturiri
Brown Bear(UK) 2/3 Tablespoons 30 96 Just finer than filter (Their omni- grind is perfect) Fill it up to the top! (inverted) Any of Brown Bear Range can be used with AeroPress!
Mr Barista (Romania) 15 40 steep20 press 85-88 Twice as fine as regular drip 200(inverted) Kenya AA+ Keruguya, SL34 and Ruiru 11 or Colombia Cauca Inza, Cattura
Blankbox Coffee(UK) 15 40 steep 20 press 85-90 4.5 on a Ditting. (5 being for paper filter) 250 (inverted) Try everything and compare to find what you like. Rwandan Fully washed Red bourbon at the moment!
Café Espresso Kampot (Cambodia) Level with the bottom of the 3 circle 60 steep 30 press just below 96 Espresso grind Fill it to the top! (inverted) A blend of Laotian & Vietnamese Arabica with a touch of Cambodian robusta
nextday Coffee(UK) 17g 40-45 steep20 press 88-92 Slightly finer than drip filter Fill to just below the brim (inverted) Something nice and fruity
Seattle Coffee Gear(US) 17g 10 second stir then press immediately! 92 Espresso grind Up to “level 4” mark Tangletown from Zoka
Chris Dodson Coffee(US) 19g 60-90 sec steep 93-96 Slighty finer than pour over (but every coffee is different) 250 The coffee that makes you smile!
Badger & Dodo Boutique Coffee Roasters (Rep. Ireland) 16g 60 sec 88-92 Medium-Fine Grind 220 Washed Central Americans, Rwandans and Burundi
Ozone Coffee Roasters London 15g 13 sec steep30 sec press 93 Damn yo fine. 220 No pre-infusion!
The Specialty Coffee Company(UK) 15g 45 sec steep 95 Slighty finer than filter 240 (inverted) Guatemalan AntiguaPre-infuses with 100g water

All these AeroPress recipes pre-infuse with a small volume of water, around 30ml, for between 20-30 seconds (unless otherwise stated).

Perfect Daily Grind.