December 13, 2019

Perfect Daily Grind to Launch PDG Brasil in April 2020


Perfect Daily Grind is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our newest sister publication: PDG Brasil. Filled with educational and informative articles written in Brazilian Portuguese, it will provide useful information for the country’s coffee industry, from producers, traders, and equipment manufacturers through to roasters, baristas, and consumers.

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Coffee trees at a farm in Brazil. Credit: Julio Guevara

Brazil, The Powerhouse of The Coffee Industry

No country has a bigger impact on the global coffee industry than Brazil. It produces 37% of the world’s coffee: more than one in three cups. One single state, Minas Gerais, produces more coffee than any other country in the world. Across the country, there are 300,000 producers. Younger generations are active in the industry, and specialty coffee production is on the rise.

With Brazilians drinking over 1 million tonnes of coffee every single year, the country has also been the world’s largest coffee consumer since 2014.

Brazil is not just the future of coffee. It’s the present, too.

Coffee fields in the Mountains of Espirito Santo, Brazil. Credit: Ivan Laranjeira Petrich 

What Will PDG Brasil Achieve?

As a Profit With Purpose, Perfect Daily Grind works to improve the coffee supply chain through facilitating the sharing of information. PDG Brasil will become a reliable resource for the rapidly growing Brazilian specialty coffee market, and empower hundreds of thousands of coffee producers, roasters, and baristas with the knowledge they need.

Producers across the country will be able to read accurate, accessible, and educational articles about farming and market demands in their native language, while roasters and baristas will be able to take part in the global discussion on coffee methods and trends.

Existing readers of Perfect Daily Grind will also benefit from PDG Brasil. With articles available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Perfect Daily Grind will enable knowledge-sharing throughout even more countries and give a voice to a greater number of coffee professionals. Coffee producers in Colombia, Mexico, and Indonesia will be able to learn from Brazilian farmers’ experiences, just as Brazilian producers will gain insight from what is being done in other countries.

Cacao farmers also stand to gain as we work on PDG Cacau, the translation of our fine cacao and chocolate content.

Nicholas Yamada, the São Paulo-based Relationship Manager at Perfect Daily Grind, says, “It is clear to us that the Brazilian specialty coffee market is expanding exponentially, and with such a fast growth rate, specialty coffee professionals and consumers must be up to date with the latest news, changes, and trends of our industry. PDG Brasil is here to be part of Brazilians’ daily coffee reading routine.”

Ivan Petrich, part of the Brazil team at PDG, adds, “The demand for a regular publication of high-quality content related to coffee in the world’s biggest coffee-producing and -consuming country inspired us to launch PDG Brasil. From now on, we will be able to support an uncountable number of coffee producers, baristas, roasters, and consumers in this huge market.”

Coffee trees growing at a farm in Brazil. Credit: Nicholas Yamada

PDG Brasil Follows in The Footsteps of PDG Español

PDG Brasil will be Perfect Daily Grind’s third edition, with PDG Español launched in August 2016. 

In the last 12 months, the website has received over 700,000 hits from countries with Spanish as the official language. In Mexico alone, the website has been accessed over 150,000 times. These statistics do not reflect the number of people accessing PDG Español from countries such as the US, where a large percentage of the population speak Spanish as their first language.

PDG Español’s Editor, María José Parra, says, “Our goal is to reach as many people as we can in the coffee supply chain and provide valuable educational content… Language shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing free quality information.”

Articles on PDG Español have been used in universities and distributed to producers by coffee cooperatives across Latin America. Its growth has also gone hand in hand with the launch of Producer & Roaster Forum, an annual event held in coffee-producing countries that brings together producers and roasters to foster strong relationships and long-term trade. The Producer Scholarship programme will in 2020 enable upwards of 150 local coffee producers to attend the event and training on networking and negotiating for free.

PDG Español has had a significant impact in both reach and scope, and we aim to expand on that with PDG Brasil. Perfect Daily Grind’s CEO and Founder, Henry Wilson, says, “Education, information-sharing, and impact are at the core of everything that Perfect Daily Grind does. PDG Brasil unites these three goals and is part of our ongoing mission to positively improve the coffee supply chain.”

PDG Brasil will be launched in January 2020. Want to stay up to date with the latest developments? Sign up for our Portuguese-language newsletter and follow PDG Brasil on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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