November 2, 2016

You Can Enable Cervical Cancer Screening by Bidding for Coffee


It’s difficult to know how many coffee farmers are women. Fairtrade put the figure at 60-80%; Sustainable Harvest quote unattributed studies that found it was 43%. Not only is there a lack of comprehensive data but, of course, the number will vary from country to country.

Yet one thing is clear: women make up a significant amount of the coffee workforce.

And so it should come as no surprise that Guy Stallworthy of Grounds for Health, a NGO dedicated to increasing the number of cervical cancer screenings in low-income countries, tells me that approximately 70% of their funding comes from coffee companies. According to the WHO, 87% of the deaths from cervical cancer are in less economically developed countries – the kind we buy much of our coffee from.

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They’re currently hosting their biannual auction, the proceeds of which will go to funding training for screening women. Lots include coffee, from three Panama La Esmeralda Geishas to Royal Coffee’s Crown Jewels; equipment, including a Baratza Vario W; and services and qualifications, including SCAA certification.


The auction closes this Thursday, so get your bids in before it’s too late!

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