November 9, 2016

Matcha Green Tea: A VIDEO Guide


Japanese matcha has been trending for a while now. Matcha lattes, matcha ice cream, matcha Kit Kats… this vivid green drink has become a common sight both in and outside of Japan. But is it a case of matcha do about nothing?

Introducing Matcha

The first thing you need to know about matcha is that it isn’t just green tea. You see, while most green tea is an infusion of tea leaves, matcha is the powdered version (minus the stems and veins). This means consumers ingest the whole leaf, making it a more potent and caffeinated drink.

You can drink “thick matcha” (koicha) or “thin matcha” (usucha). While the obvious difference is the consistency, thick matcha is also typically made with higher-quality leaves. Thin matcha is also frothier.

Just like coffee, matcha can be bitter or it can be naturally sweet. And just like coffee, people are playing with traditional recipes and preparation methods to create new concoctions.

Find out more in this video guide from Eater:

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Whether you’re practising the tea ceremony or looking for a coffee alternative, matcha is a delicious option. And the number of recipes experimenting with matcha are only going to increase.

Feature photo credit: Eater

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