October 26, 2016

The Coffee-Sponsored Project Fighting Against Cervical Cancer


What do cervical cancer and coffee have in common? At first glance, nothing. But on second glance, quite a lot.

According to the IARC, 266,000 women died from cervical cancer in 2012 – and 87% of them were in less developed regions. The kind of regions where coffee is grown.

But you can help.

Grounds for Help: The Campaign Against Cervical Cancer

Grounds for Health aim to screen 17,000 women during the 2016/7 financial year. However, that requires them to raise $250,000 before December. Royal Coffee and Swiss Water Decaffeinated have pledged $100,000 in matched donations – meaning $10 from you could see Grounds for Health $20 closer to their target.

And at approximately $14 per cervical screening, that can save a woman’s life.

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Feature photo credit: Grounds for Health

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