October 24, 2016

Roaster Legends: Introducing the New European Roasting Competition


There’s a reason premium micro lots do so well in competitions. They’re sensational. They prove that coffee is as a specialty product that deserves respect. They push prices higher, benefiting farmers.

But they’re only a tiny segment of the industry. We can’t afford to focus on just the Geishas, or on just the experimentally processed nano lots.

And that’s why Rubens Gardelli and Mat North are launching a new roasting competition: Roaster Legends.

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Probat roaster

The first ever Roaster Legends will run in 2017. Credit: Visitor7 via Wikimedia

What Is Roaster Legends?

This is a competition where working with the farmer is rewarded. Where roasters have to enter coffees from the Asia-Pacific as well as Latin America and Africa. And where all entries must also be on sale to consumers.

Because Rubens and Mat believe in rewarding skilled roasting that brings out a coffee’s best notes. But they also believe that the industry needs to be customer-focused and support farmers from all regions.  

Roaster Legends is also the first major roasting competition focused on Europe – we can practically hear the cheers already.

Coffee roasting

Roaster Legends will require competitors to submit three different coffees.

How Is It Scored?

There will be three submission categories: South/Central America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. All roasters must submit four kilos of coffee for each category. Those coffees must have been roasted by the competing roaster and also be available for sale to the consumer from the roaster at the moment of sale.

The coffees will be evaluated blind by a team of judges using the COE cupping form. SCAA protocols will also be followed.

The scores from each category will be added together to determine the final score. There will be multiple awards given, including Overall Best Coffee and Best Roastery.

This competition will challenge roasters in unique ways, as they have to perform to their best on coffees from vastly different origins. All of those origins have unique challenges as well as unique potential – and it will be up to the roaster to maximise that potential by working with the farmers.

And we know that the consumer is going to enjoy drinking the winning coffees.

The first Roasting Legend is set to be crowned in 2017. Watch this space for more details.

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