October 1, 2016

Let’s Talk Coffee: What Is the New Reality of Coffee?


Let’s Talk Coffee is a global conference determined to ask the big questions in coffee. This year, it’s in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – and the deadline for signing up to attend is this weekend.

Let's Talk Coffee 2016

Who’s Speaking?

The theme is Prospering in the New Reality, and these are the speakers:

Helen Russell of Equator Coffees & Teas – Pushing Boundaries in the New Reality
Daniele Giovannucci of the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA) – The Coffee Industry at a Crossroads
Tracy Ging of The Coffee Woman – Who Is the New Coffee Consumer?
Albert Scalla of INTL FCStone – What Forces Are Driving the Current Coffee Market?
Todd Carmichael of La Colombe Coffee – Prospering in the New Reality Through Innovation
Lindesy Bolger of Keurig Green Mountain – Understanding Flavor and Varieties
Fabrizio Senció Ramírez of Café Sublimé – Portrait of Mexico’s Emerging Cafe Culture
Mickey Comerford of Colectivo Coffee – Training Tips from Barista Professionals
Hernando Tepasco of SOCODEVI – Where Roya-Resistance Meets Quality
Araceli Ramos Rosaldo of Casa Cuervo – Exploring Tequila: Learning from Another Industry
Guillermo Reyes of GrainPro – Let’s Talk Drying, Storage, and Transport
Arturo Hernández Fujigaki of Etrusca Comercial, S.A. de C.V. – Exploring an Emerging Industry

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Register before Monday to attend.

Each speaker is an export in their field, and poised to ask discuss the difficult issues that we’re struggling to find answers to. Here’s Daniele Giovannucci speaking at Re:co on the need for a democratisation of data in order to effect sustainability.

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There will also be a wide range of other activities, including cupping, visiting coffee farms, and meeting producers.

Register before Monday to attend.

Feature photo credit: Re:co Symposium

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