September 28, 2016

A VIDEO Guide to Cupping Coffee


Cupping: an essential skill for anyone who wants to buy coffee, sell coffee, roast coffee, or just develop their palate for coffee.

But the process is both a little more complex, and a little simpler, than you might imagine.

Why Learn to Cup?

Cupping will help you to analyse the taste of your coffee and its roast profile. You’ll be able to determine its flavour and aroma profile, if there are any defects, and more.

How Do You Cup Coffee?

Cupping coffee is a series of simple, but important, steps. This video from Roasty Coffee explains each stage, from the grind setting to the amount of time you should wait.

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And that’s all you need to know in order to cup coffee. Your next step is to practise – because practice makes your palate perfect.

Just don’t forget those cupping spoons!

Feature photo credit: Roasty Coffee

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