August 10, 2016

Votes In: SCAA/SCAE Unification Goes Ahead


After years of negotiations, and months of voting, it’s official: the SCAE and SCAA are uniting to become one global Specialty Coffee Association.

On the 20th May, SCAE members voted 81% in favour of unification. And on the 5th August, SCAA members voted 65% in favour with a turnout rate of 56%.

SCAA members have voted YES in favor of a unified specialty coffee association

SCAA members voted 65% in favour of unification. Credit: SCAA

What does this mean for specialty coffee?

✔ The two biggest specialty coffee associations will work together instead of competing for resources and finances

✔ Training and certification will be standardised, with coffee professionals no longer forced to get two different qualifications for the same skill

✔ The two bodies can collaborate on even more international events, replicating the success of the World Coffee Championships

✔ We can expect more advances in research and sustainability, as the combined bodies tackle these issues together

As the SCAA Board of Directors stated,

As the individuals that you elected to represent you, our charge is and will continue to be to grow value for our members, to find new and better ways to achieve our common goals and be proactive to a changing world that demands new approaches to achieve success. We thank you for that opportunity to serve you and make coffee better for all of us.

The next step will be for SCAA and SCAE to work out the finer details of the merger, such as how to streamline membership processes. But we look forward to seeing what is achieved now that the two biggest powers in specialty coffee will be joining together.

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