August 23, 2016

Shop For a Cause: Amazon & Anacafé Support Education in Guatemala


Nearly 100% of Guatemalan children go to primary school, but 25% don’t graduate sixth grade. That’s according to USAID, who also report that nearly two million out-of-work youths lack the necessary vocational and life skills to enter the workforce.

Amazon are teaming up with Funcafé, part of the Guatemalan national coffee association Anacafé, to help change these statistics.

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What is Funcafé?

Funcafé is a part of Anacafé, the national association of farmers in Guatemala. Anacafé offers a wide range of services, including a soil, leaf, and water lab (Analab); coffee school; a cupping lab; technical assistance; and marketing.

Funcafé, however, is a little different to the rest of Anacafé’s offerings. Started by farmers in 1994, it sets out to improve the health, education, food security, and nutrition of rural Guatemalans.

With its education initiatives, Funcafé aims to help teach children the skills they need. Teacher training, libraries, and classroom support ensures education is of a high quality; environmental education and business training gives children and youths the tools with which to succeed. A focus on active, participatory, and innovative teaching methods helps keep the children engaged.

And now, through Amazon, you can help Funcafé to deliver these initiatives.

Donate to Funcafé By Shopping on Amazon

Amazon have recently launched their Amazon Smile project, a way for shoppers to give back to charities without actually giving anything at all – that’s right, it’s Amazon that foots the bill!

Sign up to Amazon Smile and select your preferred charity. In this case, Funcafé have partnered with GIVE JOY 2 ONE FOUNDATION in order to receive funds.

Next, just shop online as you would do normally. Whenever you see an item marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation”, you’ll know that by purchasing it you’ll cause Amazon to donate 0.5% of the cost to GIVE JOY 2 ONE – and through them, to Funcafé.

Think 0.5% doesn’t sound like much? It all adds up. Last year Amazon made 107 billion USD in sales, 0.5% of which is 535 million. It’s true that not all of the items available for purchase will be part of Amazon Smile – but there’s still the potential to raise significant amounts of money.

Let’s give schools in Guatemala a bit of that cut. Because there’s a lot they can do with that money.