June 14, 2016

WOC Dublin 2016: Why You Should Participate in the PDG Coffee Bag Exchange


Roasters, baristas, producers, we’ve got an amazing opportunity for you.

If you love discovering new coffee for free, if you like sharing your favourite beans with other coffee lovers, and if you’re going to be at SCAE/WOC Dublin, then you can’t miss out on the Perfect Daily Grind Coffee Bag Exchange.

The last Perfect Daily Grind Coffee Bag Exchange at SCAA Atlanta saw over 20 different coffees from all over the world being exchanged. Roasters came from Brazil, the US, Canada, the UK, El Salvador, and more.

It’s the perfect chance to not only try new coffee but directly engage with the person you’re swapping with – to exchange share knowledge of the producer, the best brewing techniques for this particular batch, and why this coffee is so great.

Keen Coffee brew bar

Try your new coffee, for free, at Keen Coffee’s brew bar. Credit: Keen Coffee

Why Take Part in the PDG Coffee Bag Exchange?

  1. Meet fellow coffee aficionados and professionals to make valuable contacts.
  2. Gain exposure: send us pictures of you with your coffee, along with a comment, to feature on our #PDGLive page.
  3. Try some awesome new coffee. Because do you really need more of a reason than that?

Two baristas laughing at a Keen Coffee brew bar

Exchange a coffee – because coffee should be fun. Credit: Keen Coffee

What Do You Need to Do?

Taking part in the PDG Coffee Bag Exchange is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Bring a bag of your favourite roasted beans to SCAE/WOC Dublin.
  2. Come to the Keen Coffee brew bar at the Dutch Coffee Pack, stand (number A3), ready to drink some coffee!
  3. Leave with some AMAZING coffee!

Special Thanks To…

Dutch Coffee Pack, producers of coffee pouches, boxes, labels, and cups for roasters and cafés. They’re kindly hosting the Coffee Bag Exchange at their stand, A3, for the duration of the festival.

Keen Coffee, roasters of first-rate specialty coffee. They’ll be operating a brew bar at Dutch Coffee Pack’s stand, and have offered to brew all Coffee Bag Exchange participant’s new coffee. You’ll also see their barista, Rob Kerkhoff, participating in the Brewers Cup Championships – good luck, Rob!

keen coffee

Perfect Daily Grind