May 4, 2016

How to Purchase the Right Grinder for YOU: 2 VIDEO Guides


When it comes to coffee equipment, grinders are the least favourite sibling. Everyone loves to talk about different brew methods. Everyone loves to discuss roasters and roasting techniques. But grinders don’t get anywhere near as much attention as they deserve.

Choosing the right grinder is just as important as choosing the right brew method. In fact, given how much more expensive a good grinder is than a Chemex or a Kalita, you could say it’s more important. It’s going to have a critical impact on the quality of your coffee, and it’s a lot more expensive to replace if you make the wrong choice.

There are a lot of things to consider, from cost to burr and grind settings. And with the number of grinders on the market, the choice can seem intimidating. So we’ve rounded up two videos that will help you to select the perfect grinder for your needs.

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Are you a home barista? Retro Michael Phillips  takes you through the main types of grinders suitable for a non-commercial setting.

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Looking for some more detailed information? Or a grinder to use in your coffee shop? This video looks at the whole range of Baratza Grinders, giving a detailed breakdown of their differences.

While Baratza is a great option, there are a lot of other brands on the market that are worth considering. However, a lot of the information in the video – such as the differences between burr and conical blades, or about the grind settings – is applicable to all grinders.

Credit: Baratza

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Happy grinding! (Oops… that didn’t sound right.)

Feature Photo Credit: Srslyguys

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