July 1, 2015

The Kaffeologie S: Do You Need This AeroPress Filter?


Who doesn’t love the flexibility of the AeroPress? You can fine-tune every variable and achieve consistent results time and again. To further enhance this experience,  the AeroPress boasts an impressive range of aftermarket brewing filters catering to different tastes.  You can read my previous articles for a comparison of a few of the most popular reusable AeroPress filters on the market. Today I will be reviewing yet another AeroPress filter to join the rank: the Kaffeologie S.

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What Is the S Filter?

The S by Kaffeologie was initially funded through Kickstarter, back in August of 2012. Their campaign raised a total of  $31,605 USD from 1,576 backers. It may not be a filter that you see often, but it is well worth knowing. This is a superfine 61 micron filter. Made of 100% stainless steel and with 100,000+ holes per square inch, it’s a quality piece of engineered brewing equipment.

micro filter

Sturdy rim around the edge so that it won’t warp.
Credit: @nisanagca

Is It Just for Coffee-Pros?

The S Filter was designed to work well with whatever level of AeroPress skill the user has. It also produces one of the sweetest and cleanest cups I have ever had. Even if you were to use a Turkish grind you still wouldn’t find coffee particles in your cup. I tested it many times and it always left me pleased with the cleanest and sweetest brew.

To further analyse the effectiveness and flexibility of the filter, I conducted an experiment to see how the filter would benefit the average user who does not use a fancy brewing recipe. My main concern was whether or not it would still enhance the results. To conduct this experiment, I ground coffee between drip and a French Press grind, then I used a lazy method by pouring all the water in immediately and waited for 1 minute before pressing down the plunger. Even this “lazy” brewing method still yielded a semi-sweet coffee with a nice medium body.

coffee geek setup

Cleaning It Isn’t as Hard as You Might Think

My experience with several reusable AeroPress filters has taught me that you have to be careful when cleaning some of them. Not all of them can be treated roughly and some become clogged much too quickly. One of the features I liked most about the S Filter is that it doesn’t get clogged and is one of the easiest filters to clean. I purposefully tried very hard to clog it, but despite my best efforts with a Turkish coffee grind, all I needed was a little hot water to get rid of left-behind particles. It’s also dishwasher safe, which I think should say enough about its durability—but if you do have any issues with your S Filter, don’t worry, because it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Should you ever wish to exchange it or get a refund, Kaffeologie are more than happy to do so. That’s how much they stand by the quality of their product.

travelling with a coffee filter

Your filter is safe on your travels. Where does your S Filter tell you to travel next?
Credit: @jleongmy


The S Filter easily sits high up in the ranks alongside my other favourite metal reusable filters, the IMS super fine disc and the Kohi Labs mesh filter. If you like your coffee sweet with beautiful acidity and less body, then this filter will suit your taste. They all differ slightly, but the edge this filter has is how sweet and clean it brews your coffee. Others might have a slight edge in aroma and body, but are a little more delicate, become clogged more easily, and need to be cleaned more carefully.

coffee body

Article edited by T.A. Jay.

Feature Photo Credit: @halolao

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