July 23, 2015

Changing Orphans’ Lives: Coffee Pour-Over Stands for Charity From Three Cord Creations


The third wave has brought us into an era of new brewing methods and there’s nothing better to accompany your favorite brewing method, be it V60, Kalita, or an AeroPress, than a sweet looking pour-over stand. Almost every specialty coffee shop has some sort of a brewing bar or a pour over station where you can watch your V60 being prepared by a well-trained barista. Enter Three Cord Creations (3CC), a company based out of Illinois making amazing pour-over stands and donating 100% of their profits to support orphans in China.

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Pour over stand three cord creations

A gorgeous three station pour over stand by Three Cord Creations. Credit: @3cordcreations

The Beginning of an Idea

The founders of 3CC Roger and Amy Bachman began their journey volunteering with a christian organization called In His Hands Orphans Outreach. They were later married and took their honeymoon in China visiting multiple orphanages during their trip including a visit to a children’s village called Shepherd’s Field that 3CC is now working to support. It was during this trip that their hearts fully developed into a desire to adopt, so  they began praying earnestly for the opportunity to do so. Couples seeking to adopt from China have to be married for at least two years and so after returning from their honeymoon they waited until they completed two years of marriage to adopt their daughter who now is five-years-old and they are currently in the process to adopt their second child.

Three cord creations

Roger, his wife Amy and their five year old daughter. Credit: @3cordcreations

Orphans in China

Three cord creations orphans

The statistics regarding orphans in China are staggering. In 2014 China reported 576,000 orphans in its welfare system, however, independent sources estimate that number to be much higher (possibly around 1,000,000 or more orphans). The cost to run a children’s village is high and Shepherd’s Field is equipped specifically to provide for special needs children in a family style environment. The family model used at Shepherd’s Field and the medical care provided to the children are the things that stood out to both Roger and Amy during their time there, and for this reason they have chosen to support the work going on here using the profits from 3CC.

Chinese baby smiling
Chinese kids

100% of the profits from Three Cord Creations goes to support special needs children from Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village. Credit: @shepherdsfield

The Beginning of 3CC

three cord creations brew stands
Three cord creations V60 coffee
three cord creations brew stand

3CC began humbly in September 2014. Their motto of: “Honor God and Rescue Orphans”, is born out of a heartfelt desire to do more to help orphans in China through direct donation to the ministries of Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village and In His Hands Orphan Outreach. Originally selling their products on eBay and etsy, 3CC has now launched an official website to sell their products. Roger works full time but still finds time to design, produce and ship some of the most beautiful pour-over stands on the market.Various styles of 3CC pour-over stands combining gorgeous wood grain with metal. Photo: @3cordcreations

pour-over stand
three cord creations pour over stand
three cord creations pour over stand

3CC produces pour over stands for use with V60, AeroPress, Kalita and more in both metal, copper, and wood variations. Custom orders are also an option if you’re looking to create the perfect look for your specialty coffee shop or kitchen decor.The pour-over stands are very well designed. Your 3CC pour-over stand will work perfectly with a wide variety of coffee scales available on the market saving you from having to buy a new one. Thanks to their height, they also work with a wide selection of carafes, mugs and cups – whatever size you happen to have in your shop! Plus they are simply gorgeous making them a great conversation piece to talk about with your customers or friends!

The next time you’re in the market for a pour over stand, consider Three Cord Creations, a company making quality third wave products that have a direct impact on the lives of orphans in China. 3CC works with a very small budget. They welcome donations from individuals and businesses who want to support their work by paying for materials and expenses so more funds can go to the children. Donations can be made on their website on the “Take Action” page.

To purchase your pour-over stand contact Roger via e-mail or visit the Three Cord Creations website. Check Three Cord Creations on Instagram @3cordcreations.

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