April 15, 2015

Kohi Labs Metal Fabric Filter – a Unique AeroPress Filter


The AeroPress can deliver a wide range of results by adjusting variables like grind size, brew temperature, liquid ratios and time. The beauty of this device that attracts so many coffee lovers is that it can deliver the preferred results consistently and flexibly.

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So how can this AeroPressive device be improved? A re-usable filter. The filter used can make dramatic differences to the body, sweetness, acidity and how clean a cup you can achieve. The newly designed flexible mesh filter by Kohi Labs makes a considerable change to this crucial accessory to AeroPress brewing.

KoHi Metal filter

If you follow our articles regularly you might have seen an article I wrote comparing AeroPress filters. Not long after publishing that article did Kohi Labs announce their kick-starter project about an all-new AeroPress metal filter. I kept up-to-date with their progress on their Instagram.

When I saw this filter comparison photo below about coffee particles in the cup I could hardly wait to press with it. Why? All metal filters I had previously tested resulted in some particles leaking into the cup so this filter was exciting news.  The photo shows the fines collected by re-pressing brews of several filters through paper filters. Clearly the Kohi is “damn fine”.

Ultrafine filter KoHi

A filter comparison. See how ultra-fine the Kohi Filter is compared to competitors.

Before I cut to telling you about how the Kohi Labs filter stacks up against the other winning filters, I want to mention that their Kicktarter project was successfully funded by four times their original target and the production stage didn’t keep fellow backers waiting long.

Freshly brewed aeropress coffee

934 backers pledged $20,309 to help bring this project to life Photo: @kohilabs

So Here’s the Lowdown on This Beauty That Is Actually Entirely Unique

  • It seems virtually indestructible. You can bend it roll it, but you cannot break it! That’s pretty cool in my opinion. Most of the metal filters I have tested are useless if you bend them enough. Users have reported that they’ve managed to bend minor creases in the filter. However, this is purely cosmetic and doesn’t impact functionality.
  • The cup is so incredibly clean! There are no coffee particles leaking into your coffee. We’re talking microscopic tests needed to see anything and even then you can classify those as dissolved solids. This is by far the best improvement of this kind on a filter.
Nisan cup

Oh so clean. No coffee particles.

  • The smaller holes in the filter also help create sweeter brews. If you read my previous comparison, the IMS filter was the winner in regards to sweetness. The Kohi filter outclasses it significantly. The metal that they use also allows more oils into the cup, which significantly improved the body in comparison to the other filters I tested.
  • A great feature of the AeroPress is that it is so simple and easy to clean, so naturally the filter should be too in order to not ruin that experience. Fortunately many brews with this filter indicated that over time significant volumes of coffee particles do not become blocked or embedded in the mesh. However, like all filters it does need to be cleaned for optimum performance and simply inverting it inside the AeroPress cap and flushing it out gets the job done with the occasional need to clean with soap or a cleaner that dissolves the trapped oils and coffee solubles.
KoHi Ultra-fine filter

Photo: Peter Thomsen

Thanks guys for giving us AeroPress aficionados a new high standard of brewing all due to the Kohi Labs filter. Not to mention the classy 22k gold Kohi Labs mug that was up for grabs during the Kickstarter campaign.

Below, you can find a few videos showing the filter in action.

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Article edited by N. Bhatt.

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