March 22, 2015

How to Make an AeroPress Iced Latte


Love the refreshing, caffeinated hit of an iced latte, but don’t have an espresso machine? Not to worry, with an AeroPress, you can make one in ten easy steps!

What do you need for iced latte?

1. Ice

2. 300ml milk – whole is best

3. Caster sugar

4. 17g of freshly roasted, whole bean coffee

5. AeroPress

6. Tall glass for iced latte serving & coffee extraction

7. Cocktail shaker (or another suitable device)

8. A kettle (preferably a gooseneck pouring kettle like a Hario Buono)

9. Scales

10. Burr grinder

What coffee is best?

For this method, I prefer espresso roast profiles with hazelnut or cocoa flavour notes. The fully washed, patio dried San Rafael Uris Estate grown at 1700m in Antigua, Guatemala Yallah coffee was ideal. But coffee is personal, so experiment!


1. Bring the water up to the boil.

2. Grind 17g of your chosen coffee to a medium-fine consistency for AeroPress.

Ground coffee

InstaPhoto: @tjooste

3. Add 300ml of milk (and sugar) to your cocktail shaker (or sealed bottle).

4. Shake and see the foam develop!

Bubbles in milk

Shake it off?

5. Add ice to your serving glass.

6. Add milk to ice in the serving glass.

Milk with ice

7. While that cools, invert your AeroPress and preheat it with water from your kettle.

8. Pour out the water, then add 17g of coffee. Add 70g of water, stir once and steep for 30 seconds.

Aeropress coffee about ot be brewed

InstaPhoto: @allsaintscafe

9. Extract the coffee into a separate glass.

10. Add your AeroPress espresso to your ice and milk and crucially -and  enjoy!

Dog using an aeropress

Perfect Daily Grind.