Why Does Perfect Daily Grind Publish Sponsored Articles?

At Perfect Daily Grind, we believe that information about coffee should be shared, it should be accessible, and it should include the voices of all actors in the supply chain.

This is why we seek out a diverse range of writers, from coffee producers to baristas, and from the US to Cameroon and Japan. This is why we publish in Spanish as well as English.

Yet pursuing this mission requires funding. And we had three choices: we could sell huge amounts of ads, giving a poorer user experience. We could charge readers to view articles, which goes against our ethos. Or we could collaborate with sponsors to create sponsored articles.

What Is a Sponsored Article?

A sponsored article is a paid-for article in which:

1. We collaborate with the sponsor to select a topic that we believe is useful or interesting for our readers and relevant to the sponsor.

E.g. a recent sponsored article for a home roaster manufacturer was: “What Is First Crack & How Do You Recognise It?”

2. We create the article, not the sponsor, adhering to our usual editorial guidelines.

3. We provide the sponsor with a courtesy copy of the article prior to publication, but the sponsor has no editorial control over it.

How Does This Affect Perfect Daily Grind’s Neutrality?

While we publish sponsored articles, we believe it is important to maintain objectivity. As of such:

  • All information provided by sponsors is fact-checked to our usual rigorous standards.
  • We reject article proposals that we believe to be overly promotional or to have no value to our readers.
  • We clearly mark each sponsored article as a sponsored article.

What Are Some Examples of Sponsored Articles?

Red, Yellow, & Black Honey Processed Coffees: What’s The Difference?
Roaster Basics: What Are Hard & Soft Beans?
A Guide to Buying & Importing Coffee From Burundi

Got More Questions About Sponsored Articles?

Send us an email at info@perfectdailygrind.com, and we’ll be happy to answer them.