May 4, 2023

US Quality Control and Lab Manager at Ally Coffee

Job type: Full time salaried

Based at: Greenville, South Carolina

Reports to: Sourcing Manager

Job Summary: This position will lead the US lab and sampling operations and execute the quality control protocols as prescribed by the sourcing manager. It will also be in charge of the development of Ally Open operational systems and processes.

Dimensions: Quality control, Data and Record-keeping, Sampling Operations, Communication with origin and sales teams, Warehouse maintenance.


  1. Documentation, Record-keeping and Communication
    1.1. Identify and document coffee samples from the time they are received.
    1.2. Maintain accurate records of every coffee received and evaluated (Experience in Cropster a plus).
    1.3. Maintain accurate quality information across platforms.
    1.4. Pro-actively communicates with origin and sales teams to manage the flow of samples and information.
  2. Cupping and Quality Control
    2.1. Observe, measure and record needed aspects of the coffee (color, moisture content, green coffee odor, sample roasting details/observations, and other information required).
    2.2. Effectively sample roast to the established protocols for evaluation purposes.
    2.3. Consistently maintain a high level of hygiene whenever coffee handling or tasting is involved.
    2.4. Set up cuppings (tastings) to standard in a routine or regimen for the Ally team.
    2.5. Cup coffees, using agreed upon protocols and capturing results in Cropster.
    2.6. Clean up cupping; Maintain complete cleanliness of cupping area, dishwasher, sink, grinders and sample library.
  3. Packaging and Fulfillment
    3.1. Receive coffees to repackage for sampling and Ally Open program.
    3.2. Monitor and report coffee sample inventory to avoid waste and losses.
    3.3. Prepare and ship samples to customers in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
  4. Ally Open Operations
    4.1. Purchase and inventory management.
    4.2. Order & Shipping management
    4.3. Customer service & communication.
    4.4. Contribute with marketing and product development.
  5. Warehouse management
    5.1. Maintain workspaces to a logical, high level of organization and cleanliness and observing safety
    5.2. Equipment maintenance: roasting, brewing, warehouse and office equipment.
    5.3. Sustainability and certification requirements (organic certification, food safety practices).
    5.4. Managing contracts with 3rd party vendors: Water filtration, pest control, cleaning crew, cintas, landlord.


● Excellent verbal and written communications skills; ability to speak effectively with customers, service
providers and fellow team members.
● Exceptional record-keeping, self-direction and motivation for organizing, computer proficiency.
● Strong project management, organizational skills, detail oriented.
● Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
● Experience in Shopify or other ecommerce platform preferred.
● Developed knowledge of sample roasting, coffee cupping and green grading.
● Ability to lift 50 pounds or more, and follow safe ergonomic practices.


● 3 years of coffee industry experience required.
● 2 years of quality control experience required.
● High school diploma required.

Application Instructions: Please send a brief cover letter and resume to with the subject line: Ally US QC and Lab Manager