September 9, 2021

Specialty Coordinator, Honduras at Olam Specialty

Position Summary:

The Specialty Coffee Coordinator will oversee the Specialty Coffee Supply Chain in Honduras. They will be responsible for all sample processing and prioritizing coffee approvals with all key decision makers. The Specialty Coffee Coordinator is expected to have fluency with technical coffee lab tasks, including physical coffee grading and SCA-compliant sensory analysis. Additionally, the Specialty Coffee Coordinator will be involved in the field work required to maintain excellent supplier communication and relationships.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead the delivery (work plans, targets, budgets) of the Olam Specialty program in Honduras in coordination with regional and local managers
  • Participate as a key decision maker in all specialty sourcing and approval sample cuppings
  • Work with the Country Manager and Sustainability Lead to continually improve green coffee offerings
  • Develop and Manage relationships with farmers
  • Test and oversee cup quality profiles
  • Maintain a physical sample inventory that includes samples of purchased coffees in multiple stages (harvest, pre-ship, shipped)
  • Travel to various coffee regions as required to gain information and insight into coffee supply chain with reporting back to the coffee team
  • Develop new market responsive specialty coffee initiatives in Honduras in collaboration with the Specialty Value Chain program
  • Coordinate activities to track progress and impact in coffee projects in the regions of responsibility
  • Other duties as assigned

What We Are Looking For:

  • Bachelor’s degree in agronomy, natural resource management or related field
  • 3-5year experience, with a minimum two years’ experience in managing projects in coffee, including work planning, budgeting and training staff
  • Strong understanding of sensory evaluation of coffee
  • Experience with structured coffee cupping and green coffee evaluation required
  • Industry qualification, such as Q Grader, preferred
  • Strong knowledge in digital technologies, excel spreadsheets and database management
  • Previous experience in a purchasing, administrative or logistics position highly desirable
  • Knowledge of the coffee industry required, and direct experience of working in or with coffee companies desirable
  • Understanding of raw materials planning and inventory management
  • Knowledge of green coffee trade 
  • Spanish fluency is highly desired; ability to learn Spanish is required
  • Ability to safely drive off-road vehicles is required
  • Must be self-directed, able to interact effectively with all levels of management
  • Flexibility to travel up to 75% of time to up-country locations

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