February 1, 2023

Quality Control Manager at TYPICA

About Us

TYPICA is an online platform with a mission to create a sustainable specialty coffee industry. Due to climate change and unstable pricing, many small to medium-sized coffee producers opt to leave the industry. We want to give those producers a chance to be heard and strengthen the producer and roaster’s relationship, which can help to motivate and encourage the continuous production of delicious high-quality coffee.

We allow producers to set their own prices and we disclose all pricing to ensure transparency. We focus on all roasters, big or small, by making it possible to trade from 1 bag(60kg) onwards instead of pallets or containers.

We focus on high-quality coffee and keep a close eye to guarantee that the quality is there and stays there. We connect, communicate, cup, asses, support, and make sure that everything that enters the tables is up to our, our partner producers and our roaster community standards.


The entire process of preparing a sample of green coffee for an upcoming offer in the U.S.

  • Log in data and used of Cropster for cupping, samples and green analysis records
  • Properly assess and perform green analysis of coffee following protocol and record it accordingly
  • Sample roasting using Ikawa and Roest for evaluation and following TYPICA’s protocol
  • Cup coffees following consistent protocol and asses quality
  • Other related tasks

Required qualifications

Experience as a QC(Coffee industry) is necessary and a big plus if you have experience within the coffee industry in some way and are ready to take the next step in your coffee career.

  • Experience in the coffee industry (roasting or buyer)
  • Q-Grader qualifications or equivalent cupping skills (qualifications are not required)
  • Great communication skills with a small multicultural team.
  • Eager to learn, honest, trustworthy, responsible and enthusiastic.
  • You need a go-getter attitude and be open to tackling any challenges.
  • Affinity with sustainability
  • Organizational skills
  • Motivated to learn new skills and improve your skills
  • Adaptable as your schedule can suddenly change as coffees come in on a daily basis

How to Apply

Please email a very brief cover letter and resume to hagimori@typica.jp and sangwoo@typica.jp with the subject line: TYPICA QC Application – Your Name

Job Category: Quality Control
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: USA
Company: TYPICA