February 11, 2021

Quality Control and Sample Coordinator at Ally Coffee


Ally Coffee, Sweden – Gothenburg

Reports to: 

Cris Mourao,  Europe Sales Manager 


Full Time, Salaried, with benefits. 


Please note this is a temporary position from April 2021 to August 2022, with the potential to extend.


8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Mon-Fri; Company Holidays follow market calendar (trading days)

Job Summary: 

To document, organize, prepare and support analysis of coffee samples for the sales team, and buying team.

Job Objectives and Dimensions: 

Organize all aspects of coffee quality and sampling programs in the office– sample ordering, receipt, green coffee physical analysis, sample roasting, cupping, cleanup, maintenance of equipment, sample inventory, documenting, record-keeping, providing buying and selling teams with accurate and timely coffee quality information.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

– Documentation and Record-Keeping
– Manage all information regarding samples from the time they are delivered.
– Record green coffee grading information.
– Set up and manage the Cropster cupping process from start to finish (final reporting of results to sales and procurement).
– Maintain accurate records of every coffee received and evaluated.

Preparing Samples and Maintaining Sampling Environment

– Observe, measure and record every aspect of the coffee (color, moisture content, green coffee odor, sample roasting details/observations, and other information required).
– Consistently maintain high level of hygiene whenever coffee handling or tasting is involved.
– Sample roast accurately to standard.
– Maintain cupping equipment and supplies.
– Set up cuppings to standard in a routine or regimen for the Ally team.
– Cup coffees, using agreed upon protocols and capturing results.
– Clean up cupping; Maintain complete cleanliness of cupping area, dishwasher, sink and sample room.

Managing inventory and equipment, including ordering supplies for sample presentation and analysis

– Monitor and report inventory to avoid waste and losses.
– Order samples from warehouse as needed.
– Communicate with staff on cupping supply needs and create order lists.
– Maintain the sample room to a logical, high level of organization and cleanliness and observing safety protocols.
– Clean and maintain the sample roaster, keep records of maintenance.

Assist Sales Team and Serve Customers

– Manage online shipping platform for samples.
– Prepare and ship samples to customers in timely and cost-efficient manner.
– Answer main phone line to direct calls to team members.
– Inform customers of hours, activities, general information, etc.
– Maintain accurate quality information for sales team on Salesforce and Cropster.
– Advise on quality of coffees as requested by sales or procurement teams.


– Exceptional record-keeping, self-direction and motivation for organizing, computer proficiency
– In-depth knowledge of coffee and coffee industry
– Cupping, tasting, sensory analysis, green coffee grading, roasting, and brewing
– Health and safety good practices.

Please email [email protected] with resume and very brief cover letter. Email should have the subject line: Ally Coffee QC Application