February 1, 2022

Operations Manager at Red Fox Coffee Merchants

About Us

Red Fox Coffee Merchants is devoted to building equitable and resilient supply chains that give coffee farmers a voice in the marketplace while increasing value for roasters by delivering a unique diversity of high-quality coffees.

About the position

Red Fox Sourcing Company is looking for a highly organized, detail-oriented, and dynamic professional to manage our operations in Peru and Mexico. The ideal candidate:

  • Enjoys working in teams
  • Is an active communicator
  • s proactive, solution finding, and able to anticipate issues
  • Enjoys a fast paced, challenging work environment
  • Is able to go with the flow and evolve with the position as the company grows over time



  • Manages Field Agents in Peru & Mexico and RFSC Quality Team
  • Assists RFSC Managing Director in correspondence management with Peruvian & Mexican supply chain partners (email/whatsapp/phone)
  • Plays primary role in correspondence management with Red Fox clients outside of the United States (manages logistics communications & all contractual/shipment details)
  • Manages communication with dry mill staff & RF team supervisors in Peru and Mexico: schedules milling in coordination with Logistics Manager, sends milling instructions to the mill, reviews milling instructions with Red Fox staff who will be supervising the milling, answers questions from dry mill staff and RF team during milling
  • Builds & manages an annual calendar for RFSC (together with Directors) and helps execute it from the cockpit

Administrative / Legal

  • Manages travel logistics for all RFSC staff
  • Becomes fluent in Airtable Database: enters sample approvals & rejections, sends results to producer groups, builds containers with Director of Business Development, enters contracts
  • Sends contract requests for Peru and Mexico shipments
  • Supports accounting for Mexican and Peruvian entities w/guidance from RFSC Managing
  • Director (reviews expenses, requests payments, supports with expense reporting via Expensify)
  • Drafts and renews employment contracts for all Sourcing Team staff and consultants
  • Supports both Sales & Marketing Teams/Assists Director of Business Development with all information requests

Required qualifications

  • Bilingual: English & Spanish
  • Preferably based in Mexico or Peru but all of Latin America to be considered
  • Must have admin-level computer skills (Excel)
  • A cockpit oriented position tough minor travel may be required on occasion
  • Fully vaccinated

How to apply

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to ali@redfoxcoffeemerchants.com & aleco@redfoxcoffeemerchants.com by Tuesday, February 15th