October 4, 2022

Head of Coffee and Coffee Roaster at Pirates of Coffee

Pirates of Coffee is looking for a Coffee Roaster who is extremely motivated and passionate about the specialty coffee industry to join our team.

You will be responsible for heading up our coffee program, managing our roasting process and roasting specialty green coffee. You will work closely with our coffee roasting team. The role will also include involvement in other related aspects of the coffee supply chain, including skills training, blend development and order fulfillment.


Pirates of Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster, disrupting the coffee industry with a fresh approach. We are pushing the boundaries of coffee as we know it by doing things differently from transparency and direct trade to marketing and storytelling.

This is an exciting time to join Pirates of Coffee as we are currently in a growth phase and we have a global customer base (North America, Asia, Middle East, Europe). We are regularly introducing new and innovative products to push coffee to new levels and we are focused on educating coffee consumers about specialty coffee.


  • You are passionate about coffee and have deep expertise in specialty coffee
  • You have at least 3 years of experience roasting specialty coffee
  • You have a great work ethic and thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment
  • You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get to work
  • You are a great problem solver when issues arise
  • You are comfortable with numbers, for keeping track of inventory, orders and for making frequent conversions between kilograms and lbs
  • You are able to stand for the majority of the time while roasting coffee
  • You are able to carry 35 kg of green coffee unassisted


  • You are a licensed Q-Grader (CQI)
  • You are an Authorized SCA Trainer (SCA) in at least 1 area
  • Bonus: you have other SCA certifications such as SCA Roasting, Brewing, Sensory etc.


Manage roasting operation:

  • Plan releases of single origins, special features and microlots
  • Evaluate coffee samples, perform green bean analysis, identify defects
  • Prepare and conduct cupping sessions
  • Evaluate coffees and maintain documentation
  • Design blends and maintain year-round flavour profiles 
  • Manage all aspects of the roasting process: administrative tasks, manage staff, handle materials, inventory, quality assurance

Roast coffee:

  • Sample roasting and production roasting working in tandem with our roasting team
  • Inspect beans regularly according to specifications
  • Feed product to hoppers, roast and cool beans, and unload into bins/packages
  • Roast green coffee to various levels as required

Production and order fulfillment:

  • Plan production to meet customer demand
  • Work with our packing and fulfillment teams to ensure orders are prepared on time

Quality assurance and improvement:

  • Monitor roasting process to identify needed adjustments or repairs
  • Inspect for quality and accurate quantity at all times
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement
  • Perform quality control checks at regular intervals
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of roasting equipment
  • Monitor roasting process to identify needed adjustments or repairs


Mississauga (Greater Toronto Area), Ontario, Canada

How to Apply

Please email your CV to pirates@wetheorigin.com