January 30, 2023

Head Barista at The Monk Coffee Roasters

The Monk Coffee Roasters is an ambitious specialty coffee start-up based in Ibiza, Balearic Islands. We open our flagship brew bar in March 2023. A roastery/2nd bar + Training Centre is planned to follow in 2024.

We are currently looking to recruit an ambitious coffee professional as Head Barista, to be at the core of our Team.

The equipment we use:

  • Victoria Arduino Black Eagle
  • Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Grinders
  • Mahlkoenig EK-43 Grinder
  • Fellows Kettles

About US

The Monk Coffee Roasters sources and roasts specialty premium coffee to service the growing needs and taste requirements of regional specialty coffee drinkers.

Our authenticity is important, underpinned by our deep commitment to quality, transparency, social/environmental responsibility and community across the supply chain.

Specialty coffee is currently not readily available in Ibiza. We aim to provide an authentic, ethical and premium alternative to consumers, providing unique specialty coffees sourced at origin, roasted and rotated regularly as they come into season, to constantly offer new experiences for customers in a designed space, brewing on top-of-the-range equipment.

As a people-first employer, we hope to attract, nurture and retain passionate people to our Team to deliver a premium customer experience.

Behind the bar we will be brewing a diverse collection of single origins. As we grow our coffee community, we plan to also introduce unique experimental coffee lots.

We wish to create an inclusive environment for staff, where people can learn and grow their careers in coffee whether via skills development/SCA courses, internal workshops, or a platform and support to compete in coffee competitions.

About you

Coffee is what you do. It’s your profession and obsession. We want a coffee nut who is constantly on the pursuit for ‘How can I make it better next time?’ Every day you continue to develop and understand the coffees that you are working with better, searching for each great bean’s sweet spot, and trying to understand how to deliver it more consistently.

  • You will be dedicated to making the perfect cup of coffee and be proud to serve a fresh crop rotation through many different origins as they come into season.
  • You will have a passion for sustainability, thinking about how to maximise the quality of our offer – both in coffee and in service – whilst working to reduce our environmental impact.
  • You will be genuinely passionate about providing the best possible experience to all who visit and doing so whilst keeping your working area fastidiously clean.
  • You will be keen to communicate your knowledge of single origin coffee to our customers and make recommendations of our offerings.
  • You’ll be interested in progressive ways of thinking about coffee – in sourcing, brewing and serving – with a wish to develop these ideas alongside our roastery team, and work inside a unique coffee program that welcomes modern concepts in coffee – driving your brew bar as a destination location.
  • You will have a keen eye for detail – ensuring consistency and methodical working that in time would allow your work to feed into the roastery QC program.
  • You will be open to learning in order to develop your knowledge and skills and in return we will embrace your individuality and creativity.
  • You’ll take ownership of your role, thrive in a cafe environment and strive to be the best of the best.
  • This role would perfectly suit someone looking to develop their professional coffee


What we’re looking for in a barista:

  • At least two years in speciality coffee and ideally with SCA Barista certification
  • Ability to dial in espresso and filter coffee
  • Ability to pour consistent latte art
  • Genuinely enjoys engaging with and talking to customers
  • Able to work quickly, calmly, and efficiently during busy periods
  • Naturally seeks out tasks during quieter periods
  • Understands the value of paying attention to details
  • Seeks out to create a constantly clean cafe environment whenever possible
  • Ideally fluent in Spanish and English but not essential


  • A competitive salary
  • Full time
  • SCA-level training & development
  • A work environment where you will have access to the best equipment in a curated space
  • Ability to taste, brew, and share coffee from some of the world’s most celebrated farms
  • Platform and support to compete in coffee competitions
  • Career progression
  • Free drinks throughout your shift
  • Discounts on our coffee beans


Tell us about your experience in speciality coffee and hospitality, what you enjoy and what you’re looking for, and why you’d like to join The Monk Coffee Roasters in particular. CVs and Cover Letters are a great way to get these across but we’re happy for you to communicate this however you like – we love passionate and enthusiastic people and just want to hear from you.

Please send your applications directly to vivianrphelps@gmail.com