May 18, 2021

Freelance Photographer for PDG Media

PDG Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that exclusively works with brands in the coffee sector.

We are looking for a freelance photographer that is capable of providing high quality product photos for products(coffee packaging in this case). We are looking for someone capable of collaborating with an internal team to carry out a photoshoot for a PDG Media client.

About PDG Media 

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency grounded in coffee industry expertise. We provide bespoke media packages that include content creation, social media management, influencer marketing, marketing campaigns, end-to-end web design, brand development and more.

We are a part of the wider PDG Global, which includes Perfect Daily Grind, a world-leading digital coffee publication with millions of page views every year.


1) Stage Photographs

Set up the product and any necessary ancillary elements (backdrops, etc) and set up lighting for a photo shoot. Depending on the products involved, the shoot should be indoors and preferible to  take place in a studio.

2) Shoot Photographs

Take a large volume of photos, seeking to present the product in an accurate and appealing way. 

3) Manage Post-Production

Photographers will be responsible for post-shoot procedures, including selecting the best photos and editing or cleaning up images. Photos also need to be cropped and prepared for use in a variety of marketing channels indicated by PDG Media, such as e-commerce websites, social media, mobile apps. etc.



Expertise with Adobe Photoshop, product photography, lighting, and staging

4+ years professional photography experience including but not limited

2+ years product photography and image manipulation experience

Your own equipment and studio (camera, lights, Adobe Suite, etc.)

  • Staging – many product photos are not taken against a blank backdrop. Placement of models, mannequins, props, and other elements can help present products well to prospective customers
  • Lighting – proper lighting is key to obtaining good photos, so photographers need to know where to place their lighting or position the subject to take advantage of natural light
  • Camera expertise – product photographers don’t simply snap a bunch of pictures with the auto settings on their cameras. They manually optimize their equipment to produce the best possible shots
  • Photography – building on their prep work, product photographers take carefully composed shots that present products in an appealing way and provide useful information to prospective buyers
  • Photo editing – photographers often edit their own work using digital tools that can compensate for less than ideal conditions (such as imperfect lighting or distractions)


Excellent communication skills.

Ability to form new concepts for each product shoot.

Good time management skills at a shoot.

Ability to manage a schedule.

Prior work experience at a studio preferred.

Please apply using this post or email a Portfolio/CV to