July 7, 2021

Ally Open Operations Manager


Greenville, South Carolina USA


Marketing Manager 


Full Time, Salaried 


To grow and support the operations of Ally Open, the new online platform that serves as a resource for coffee professionals targeted to small, up-and-coming roasting businesses seeking specialty green coffee in small quantities, expert-led training and learning programs, and written blog articles related to the coffee industry and Ally Coffee.


This position will lead the development of the Ally Open operational systems and processes, seeking opportunities in how to expand our reach. They will be the point of contact for the day-to-day operations of Ally Open, overseeing inventory management, order and shipping fulfillment, and customer service.


Ordering, customer service, warehousing, production, data management, purchase planning, customer communications, and related services.


1. Purchase Management:

1.1 Oversees inventory of green coffee and packaging materials; placing orders and receiving deliveries
1.2. Perform weekly and monthly inventory checks
1.3. Track performance of green coffee sales, and apply to seasonal purchase plan
1.4. Maintain warehouse inventory of all products, including samples, in an organized and efficient manner
1.5. Update the inventory of all coffee products in web platform
1.6. Maintain all documentation for coffees, as required

2. Order & Shipping Management

2.1. Ensures full bag inventory is broken down into small boxes according to specifications
2.2. Organizes and processes incoming orders through the web platform immediately
2.3. Point of contact with shipping carriers, maintaining awareness of costs and new opportunities
2.4. Ensures ecommerce platform functionality, working with web developers to ensure we are set up for new growth

3. Customer Service & Communication

3.1. Communicate with users through email, chat, and/or phone, fielding all inquiries with a high level of service
3.2. Assist customers as necessary; problem solve any issues and questions while responding in a timely, professional fashion
3.3. Ensure the customer experience is aligned with our client-centric sales approach

4. Marketing & Collaboration

4.1. Attend weekly meetings with Marketing Manager
4.2. Discover new opportunities to grow our market reach and continued development of the platform
4.3. Work closely with the marketing team to communicate product and customers updates on Ally Open
4.4. Represent Ally Coffee/Ally Open at industry and community coffee events, raising awareness of the platform
4.5. Coordinate with Education, Account Managers, and other Ally Coffee departments as needed


– Exceptional record-keeping, self-direction and motivation for organizing, computer proficiency
– In-depth knowledge of coffee and coffee industry
– Cupping, tasting, sensory analysis, green coffee grading, roasting, and brewing
– Health and safety good practices.

Please email [email protected] with resume and very brief cover letter. Email should have the subject line: Ally Coffee QC Application