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March 24, 2021

Why do East Asian buyers often pay record-breaking prices for auction winning coffee lots?

February 4, 2021

What is the Nairobi Coffee Exchange?

January 19, 2021

Exploring Kenyan Coffee: What Is A “Coffee Marketing Agent”?

January 13, 2021

Direct Trade In Specialty Coffee: Is It An Effective Model?

October 30, 2020

What Is The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange?

April 20, 2021

An early history of the C market: Exchanges and derivatives through history

In recent years, the coffee sector has rightly recognised sustainability as a key priority. However, for anybody who wants to be a part of making the supply chain more sustainable, learning more about commodities markets and the C market in particular is crucial. But as well as learning about these topics in detail, it’s also helpful to understand how and why they started. Commodities exchanges have been a part of… read more

In recent years, the coffee sector has rightly recognised sustainability as a key priority. However, for anybody who wants to be a part of making the supply chain more sustainable, learning more about commodities markets and the C market in… read more

October 30, 2019

Become a Speaker & Share Your Insights at Producer & Roaster Forum 2020

Producer & Roaster Forum is an annual event taking place in a coffee-producing country, aimed at connecting producers and roasters who plant, harvest, and roast...

October 28, 2019

Should The Coffee Industry Use Buffer Stocks?

It’s no secret that the coffee industry is based on a market characterised by extreme volatility, with prices operating in a classic boom and bust...

October 21, 2019

Producer & Roaster Forum Announces Values & Prioritises Impact

The Producer & Roaster Forum is one of the few coffee events in a producing country, and is designed to bring together roasters and farmers...

October 14, 2019

Why Greater Coffee Consumption May Not Mean More Beans Sold

Many of us are aware that coffee consumption is rising. That’s good for producers, because rise in demand (with constant production or supply) puts upward...

October 2, 2019

Producer & Roaster Forum 2020 to Take Place in Honduras

Are you looking to make direct connections with coffee producers? Or are you a Honduran coffee farmer seeking new business relationships with international roasters? Perfect...

September 30, 2019

Pricing Coffee: Why Do Yemeni Beans Cost More?

Yemeni coffees can make headlines for their prices. And understandably so: they often sell for upwards of US $60 per kilo green. But why does...

August 23, 2019

Tips For Calibrating Palates Between Origin & Consuming Countries

Your team at origin tells you that a coffee has juicy dragon fruit notes and clear potential for the specialty market. But what does a...

August 8, 2019

How To Build & Maintain a Relationship With Your Coffee Buyer

Do you have established buyers for your coffee, or are you looking to find them? A strong relationship with one or more buyers can increase...

August 6, 2019

How Coffee Roasters Can Use Direct Relationships With Producers

There are many forms of direct relationships within the coffee industry, including importers who label themselves as direct trade. But when a roaster has immediate...

July 19, 2019

Inside World Coffee Producers Forum 2019

Last week, on July 10th and 11th, one of the most important events related to coffee production took place in Brazil. The second World Coffee...

July 18, 2019

Will Brazil’s Sudden Frost Increase Global Coffee Prices?

A recent frost in Brazil’s coffee-producing regions had the coffee industry in hot debate at this year’s World Producers Forum and elsewhere. At first impression,...

July 16, 2019

How Nicaragua’s Political Climate Is Impacting Its Coffee Industry

Nicaragua has a long history of growing coffee and an economy that is strongly linked to the crop. But recent political unrest is impacting the...

July 3, 2019

How Crop Diversification Can Counter Low Coffee Prices

In a context of extremely low coffee prices and uncertain weather conditions due to climate change, coffee producers take on risk with every investment in...

June 20, 2019

What’s a Fair Price For Coffee? Interpreting Transparency Data

It’s becoming increasingly common to see consumers, roasters, and coffee shops demand more transparency in the coffee industry. Green coffee bean importers and exporters are...

June 14, 2019

5 Questions Roasters Should Ask Their Green Coffee Importer

Purchasing coffee is no easy task – although it’s certainly an exciting one. From selecting your origins to managing inventory, there are endless considerations. But...

June 4, 2019

Coffee Farm Management: How to Determine Your Production Cost

Looking at your expenses while the C price is so low might make you feel hopeless. But knowing your production cost can be empowering. It...