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October 18, 2022

How can coffee shops expand into other international markets?

October 10, 2022

Why should the espresso machine be the centrepiece of your coffee shop?

September 21, 2022

Creating a signature blend for your coffee shop

September 8, 2022

How can coffee shops hire & retain long-term staff?

August 22, 2022

How can coffee shops reduce single-use cup waste? 

March 14, 2023

How can coffee shops make cold brew more profitable?

In coffee shops around the world, cold brew is one of the most popular beverages. According to Technavio, by 2027, the value of the global cold brew market will increase by almost US $440 million. If a coffee business owner wants to cater to a wide range of consumers, serving a variety of cold coffee drinks is essential. As part of this, there has been an increasing focus on preparing… read more

In coffee shops around the world, cold brew is one of the most popular beverages. According to Technavio, by 2027, the value of the global cold brew market will increase by almost US $440 million. If a coffee business owner… read more

August 11, 2020

Guest Coffee: A Breakdown

Most specialty coffee shops offer a house blend that delivers a reliable flavour day after day. Typically, this will be a balanced, versatile coffee that...

July 27, 2020

Reducing Your Coffee Shop’s Milk Wastage

Ingredient waste can be costly for your coffee shop. While it rarely occurs in large quantities, the cost of an errant splash or spill of...

July 15, 2020

Four Errors Coffee Shops Make That Impact Coffee Quality

As a coffee shop owner, customers will rely on you to serve them great coffee every single day. While buying the right beans is a...

July 7, 2020

Customising Your Specialty Coffee Offerings According to Season

Does your coffee shop customise its menu with seasonal coffee offerings? While coffee beans are available all year round, different harvest seasons take place at...

June 22, 2020

How to Meet The Needs of Today’s Coffee Shop Customer

Vegan, earth-conscious, experience-seeking, Instagram-shunning, pour-over-drinking, pour-over-avoiding, quality-orientated, convenience-orientated: the customer market is rapidly evolving and at times contradictory. Coffee shop owners who don’t adapt to...

May 1, 2020

How COVID-19 Continues to Impact Coffee Shops Worldwide

Coffee shops are a place where people go to enjoy specialty coffee, as well as work and socialise. These spaces are also amongst the worst...

April 16, 2020

How Café Owners Can Tap Into The Cold Brew Market

If you operate a café, you’ll want to keep up with the specialty coffee trends that apply to your business and find a way to...

April 7, 2020

What Is a Spanish Latte?

Enter a coffee shop and order a Spanish Latte, and you’ll probably get an espresso-based drink made with milk and condensed milk. However, visit other...

April 3, 2020

A Coffee Shop Favourite: Why Is Oat Milk so Popular?

A few years ago, you would struggle to find any coffee shops offering oat milk as a non-dairy alternative. Yet today, oat milk is everywhere...

March 12, 2020

Serving Food in Specialty Coffee Shops

Introducing new customers to specialty coffee or converting coffee enthusiasts to new origins and exotic varieties is one of the great things about operating a...

March 11, 2020

What Is a Piccolo Latte & How Do I Make It?

The piccolo latte is a mysterious drink. This little milk beverage can be hard to find and is commonly misunderstood. However, it can be a...

March 10, 2020

What Is Kombucha?

If you’ve visited a coffee shop recently or browsed the drinks aisle of your local supermarket, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen bottles of...

February 26, 2020

How to Profitably Serve Cold & Sparkling Drinks in a Coffee Shop

The market for cold drinks is growing rapidly. From sparkling teas and lemonades to cold brew coffee, customers are increasingly thirsty for a more refreshing...

February 13, 2020

Entering China’s Emerging Coffee Market

China might be the fourth-largest country in the world and have the largest population on earth, but it has one of the world’s lowest coffee...

February 5, 2020

Deconstructing Russia’s Coffee Market

When you envision a country with a flourishing specialty coffee scene, Russia probably doesn’t come to mind. Despite being the ninth most populous country on...

January 24, 2020

Onboarding New Baristas: What Café Owners Need to Know

A thriving specialty coffee shop environment revolves around consistently crafting and serving bespoke, high-quality beverages – and your staff’s performance is essential to being able to...