April 21, 2023

Coffee News Recap, 21 Apr: Specialty Coffee Expo begins in Portland, arabica prices reach six-month high & other stories


Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week. Here are this week’s stories.

Mon, 17 Apr

  • Pu’er set to become China’s main coffee trading hub. The region is now home to around 45,266ha of coffee-growing land. Moreover, the development of a coffee processing plant and the new China-Laos Railway aims to make Pu’er a major trade hub for coffee in Southeast Asia.

Tue, 18 Apr

  • International Coffee Organisation releases 2023 Coffee Report and Outlook. The new report outlines global production and consumption statistics for the upcoming year, and predicts that global production volumes will increase by 1.7% to 171.3 60kg million bags in 2022/23 – although this is still be a deficit of coffee. The ICO is set to release these reports twice every year.
  • Nescafé launches Ice Roast soluble coffee. Ice Roast is the brand’s first-ever soluble coffee product designed specifically to be prepared with cold water or milk. The instant coffee product launches in China this month, as well as in Mexico in the coming weeks.
  • Simonelli Group appoints Marco Feliziani as new CEO. Outgoing CEO Fabio Ceccarani leaves the company after 14 years. Feliziani has worked at Simonelli for eight years, having previously held the roles of Sales Director and Deputy Chairman of the company’s US branch.

Wed, 19 Apr

Thu, 20 Apr

  • SCA releases beta version of the Coffee Value Assessment at Re:co Symposium. As a result of a project first launched in 2020, the organisation’s revised cupping protocol and form will allow industry professionals to record data according to four different assessment categories – “physical”, “extrinsic”, “affective”, and “descriptive” – which the SCA says is more in line with its new definition of specialty coffee.
  • IKAWA launches new Pro100x sample roaster. The new countertop roaster includes a Moisture Release Graph, which allows users to track roast profiles more effectively. The Pro100x can detect when first crack occurs based on the release of moisture. Pre-orders are expected to ship in June 2023.
  • Weber Workshops launches MOONRAKER WDT tool. The company’s new product uses geared and spirographic movement to evenly distribute ground coffee in portafilter baskets. The MOONRAKER is available to pre-order now.

Fri, 21 Apr

  • UK government signs 2022 International Coffee Agreement. The signing took place at the International Coffee Organisation headquarters in London in the presence of ICO Executive Director Vanúsia Nogueira. The ICA aims to strengthen partnerships and co-operation between the ICO and signatory governments, as well as with the private sector.
  • Specialty Coffee Expo 2023 takes place in Portland, Oregon. This year’s event is being held at the Oregon Convention Centre until 23 April. The expo includes several show features, such as the Roasters Village, the Green Coffee Buyers & Sellers Programme, the Cupping Exchange, and this year’s US Coffee Championships.
Coffee professionals take part in a coffee cupping session.

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