December 6, 2022

The 2022 Perfect Daily Grind holiday coffee gift guide


Once again, it’s the time of year to start thinking about gifts for friends and family as we approach the holiday season. For many of us, this means buying a special gift for the coffee enthusiast or professional in our lives.

With this in mind, we’ve curated a selection of gift ideas to fit a range of budgets.

Read on for the 2022 Perfect Daily Grind holiday coffee gift guide!

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A Chemex in front of a Christmas tree.

Stocking fillers 

A small, thoughtful gift is a great way to show your appreciation for a coffee enthusiast or professional in your life.

Try a new roaster

Prices vary

If you’re looking to give someone a bag of coffee, trying a new roaster is a great way for them to experience new origins, varieties, and processing methods.

Mayorga Coffee is a roaster in the US which works to eliminate systemic poverty in Latin America through its direct trade model. It buys and roasts coffee from many countries in Central and South America – including Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador, and more.

Mayorga Coffee sells whole bean coffee, as well as single-serve pods and capsules. It also provides free shipping for all first-time customers.

For European customers, TAF is a roaster based in Athens, Greece. It offers a range of different coffees, including single estate coffees, competition blends, and exclusive Taloumis Family Limited Reserve lots.

One of TAF’s gift options is the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve filter kit, which includes six different coffees selected by CEO Yiannis Taloumis.

AeroPress stainless steel reusable filter

From USD 24.95; EUR 24.21; GBP 20.93

This year, AeroPress released its own stainless steel filter, which can be purchased in a single or double pack.

The reusable filter brews clean, bright, and smooth-tasting coffee, and helps to cut down on waste. It is also compatible with both the original AeroPress and the AeroPress Go.

Baratza single-dose hopper

From USD 24; EUR 23.29; GBP 20.13

Baratza manufactures some of the world’s most popular home coffee grinders. Its new single-dose hopper means home brewers can easily switch between different coffees – meaning more opportunities to experiment.

The single-dose hopper is available in black and white and is compatible with Baratza’s Encore, Virtuoso+, Vario W, Vario W+, and Forte grinders.

Huskee cup

From USD 16.76; EUR 16.26; GBP 14.05

Huskee manufactures reusable cups from coffee husk – the dried skin of coffee beans. In 2018, the B Corp-certified company received a Good Design Award for its products.

Its cups are available in five different sizes, ranging from 3oz (88ml) to 16oz (473ml). Huskee also sells espresso cups and saucers as part of its newly launched Renew range.

Subminimal NanoFoamer

From USD 39; EUR 37.83; GBP 32.71

Despite its small size, Subminimal’s NanoFoamer is capable of creating café-quality microfoam at home, which can be used to pour latte art for a number of milk-based beverages.

Subminimal sells two versions of the NanoFoamer, as well as the FlowTip jug for pouring latte art. Both NanoFoamers come with two NanoScreens, which allow home baristas with any level of experience to create different microfoam textures.

BruTrek collapsible pour over

From USD 45; EUR 43.64; GBP 37.74

The BruTrek collapsible pour over is a stainless steel brewer that can fold for easy storage. The brewer is specifically designed to be used outdoors – making it ideal for hikers and campers. 

BruTrek’s collapsible pour over comes with two CoffeeSocks (reusable organic cotton filters) and its own wax canvas carry pouch.

Trade Coffee subscription

From USD 15.95; EUR 15.46; GBP 13.37

Trade Coffee offers tailored coffee subscriptions that can be delivered straight to your loved ones’ doors. The subscription service platform provides several preset plans available based on a number of factors, such as roast profile, brewing method, and flavour preferences.

Trade’s gift coffee subscriptions include between two to 24 bags – meaning you can buy gifts for multiple people if you want to. You can also receive a free bag of coffee with every purchase.

A latte under a Christmas tree.

Under the tree

At a slightly higher price point, these gifts are a great way to show your appreciation. 

Green coffee for a roaster

Prices may vary

Looking for some green coffee for the roaster in your life? TYPICA is an online direct trade platform that connects roasters of any size with coffee producers along the Bean Belt. 

Roasters are able to purchase as little as a 60kg bag of green coffee from a number of different origins. Moreover, with TYPICA’s direct trade model, their coffee is sustainable and ethically sourced.


From USD 87.74; EUR 85; GBP 73.37

The Graycano is a conical brewer which includes a number of unique features, such as its “Lava Ribs”, which help to balance air circulation and water flow during extraction.

It’s made from ceramic with an aluminium core, and it also comes with a handmade cork sleeve. You can also choose to adopt a coffee plant in Brazil through the company’s coffee cycle programme.

Ally Open coffee courses

Start at USD 150; EUR 145.29; GBP 125.44

Ally Open is an initiative launched by Ally Coffee to provide specially-selected green coffee lots to roasters, as well as offering a number of online courses.

The self-guided Q Arabica Online Preparation Course, for example, includes essential information on each of the Q arabica grader tests, as well as how to prepare for them. Ally Open courses are available at any time for coffee professionals all over the world, so once you sign up you can complete them whenever you like.

PDG Education courses

Start at USD 49.99; EUR 48.42; GBP 41.81

Launched in 2020, the PDG Education platform offers a variety of online courses for coffee professionals across the supply chain – ranging from baristas to green coffee buyers to producers.

Current available courses include Brewing your perfect coffee with your AeroPress led by coffee trainer and consultant Wendelien Van Bunnik, and Actors and structures of the green coffee supply chain delivered by Karl Wienhold.

PRF El Salvador ticket

Start at USD 79; EUR 76.56; GBP 66.14

PRF will return to El Salvador on 16 and 17 March 2023 at the Salamanca Exhibition Centre in San Salvador. Thousands of visitors are expected to attend.

Early bird tickets are available now, and all PRF tickets come with full access to the two-day forum.

Fellow Ode coffee grinder

From USD 255; EUR 247.07; GBP 213.39

The Fellow Ode grinder includes 64mm professional-grade stainless steel flat burrs that can be calibrated to 31 different settings. The grinder is available in black and white.

It can also be used as a single-dose grinder, and can even be upgraded to include the Ode Gen 2 Brew burrs.

Nucleus Coffee Tools Compass

From USD 167.40; EUR 162.06; GBP 139.99

Founded by 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic, Nucleus Coffee Tools recently launched its Compass – a highly-precise coffee temperature reader. The Compass uses infrared technology to accurately measure the temperature of brewed coffee.

The height-adjustable device can sit above most drinking vessels and is capable of reading temperatures up to 100ºC.

Technivorm Moccamaster

From USD 215.61; EUR 209; GBP 180.67

The automatic Moccamaster brewer is available in four different models, as well as a wide range of colours and finishes. The machine uses a copper heating element to maintain optimal brewing temperature, and also includes a hot plate to keep coffee between 80ºC to 85ºC.

As well as batch brewers, Moccamaster’s Cup-One can prepare a single cup of coffee in four minutes.

A mug of coffee in front of Christmas lights.


If you’ve got a high budget for someone special in your life, here are a few coffee gift ideas which have slightly higher price tags.

Marco Ottomatic® 2.0

From USD 322.45; EUR 312.51; GBP 270

The Marco Ottomatic® 2.0 is a fully automated pour over coffee machine, designed to be used with the Chemex.

Marco’s automatic brewer includes pulse-brewing technology to ensure even extraction, and even features an iced coffee mode.

MOMENTEM hand grinder

From USD 399; EUR 386.86; GBP 334.40

The MOMENTEM is a two-step hand grinder which includes two burr sets to provide even grind size distribution. It also features an adjustable crank and a built-in sieve.

The MOMENTEM is currently available for preorder on the I’M NOT A BARISTA website.

Baratza Vario W+

From USD 600; EUR 581.57; GBP 502.54

The prosumer Vario W+ grinder includes 54mm steel burrs, an 8oz (227g) hopper, and an intuitive digital control panel and LED display. The grinder also includes three programmable settings so users can preset different doses for a range of brewing methods – including espresso.

Baratza’s latest grinder can also be purchased with replacement 54mm ceramic burrs and a hopper extender.

VST coffee refractometer

From USD 699; EUR 677.42; GBP 585.42

The VST Lab coffee refractometer is a useful tool for any coffee barista or roaster looking to measure total dissolved solids (TDS) for both espresso and filter coffee.

VST’s latest refractometer is designed to be 0.01% accurate and can generate TDS results in two to three seconds.

Rancilio Silvia Pro X

From USD 1,765; EUR 1,701.49; GBP 1,467.72

The Silvia Pro X is a single-group, dual-boiler home espresso machine which includes a number of unique features, such as thermal stability and soft infusion technologies.

Rancilio’s latest home espresso machine is available in four colours: stainless steel, black, white, and pink.


From USD 5,912.94; EUR 5,732.07; GBP 4,950

The dual-boiler Faemina home espresso machine can be used to extract both espresso and filter coffee, and also includes a manual and automatic steam wand to create high-quality microfoam.

The machine can also be connected to Faema’s app, which allows the user to remotely set different extraction parameters at any time.

Sanremo YOU

From USD 7,367; EUR 7,101.95; GBP 6,126.18

The multi-boiler, single-group YOU home espresso machine features several customisable preset modes for maximum control over extraction variables. 

Sanremo’s newest machine also includes energy efficient modes, as well as flow and pressure profiling technologies.

A latte surrounded by Christmas tree lights.

Giving gifts can go a long way during the holiday season. We hope our 2022 coffee gift guide gives you a few unique or exciting ideas for a coffee enthusiast or professional in your life.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Perfect Daily Grind!

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Prices were converted using the XE currency converter in November 2022, and may not be accurate at the time of reading. They do not include shipping/delivery.

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