January 14, 2022

Coffee News Recap, 14 Jan: PRF Colombia 2022 to be held from 30 June to 1 July, coffee prices hit multi-year monthly high & other stories


Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the week’s top coffee industry news. Here are this week’s stories:

  • Mon, 10 Jan – Colectivo Coffee claims employee unionisation efforts were mishandled. The official unionisation vote was counted at 106-99 in August 2021. However, the company’s lawyers claim several ballots were mishandled and unlawfully solicited. The union representing Colectivo employees allege the legal filing is an “obstructive tactic”.
  • Tue, 11 Jan – Hario launches new Mugen brewer. The Mugen was co-designed by 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion Tetsu Kasuya. The new plastic brewer includes star-shaped grooves, which Hario says allow for more steady extraction rates.
  • Wed, 12 Jan – Go Fund Bean reopens Virtual Tip Jar programme for US coffee shops. The non-profit first initiated its project in March 2020 during the height of forced Covid-19 closures. Go Fund Bean is currently compiling a list of donation projects for US coffee businesses still affected by financial hardships and staff shortages.
  • Wed, 12 Jan – Qualified sponsors for 2022-25 World Barista Championships announced. Testing for the 2022-25 sponsors took place in Milan in October 2021. The Tempesta by Storm Barista Attitude is the Qualified Espresso Machine sponsor, the Mythos MY75 by Victoria Arduino is the Qualified Espresso Grinder sponsor, and BWT water+more is the Qualified Water Filtration sponsor. More World Coffee Championship sponsors will be announced soon.
  • Fri, 14 Jan – SCA postpones 2022 Coffee Retail Summit. The third virtual event of its kind will now be held from 20 to 22 May, due to rising Covid-19 cases in the US. Each day of the event will focus on a different international coffee market. The summit will be free to attend.
  • Fri, 14 Jan – Food & beverage company Kerry predicts most popular flavours in 2022. The Global Taste Charts report claims the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated “more sophisticated” flavour pairings, such as beer and kombucha, and lavender and chocolate. The report also says botanical, citrus, and fermented flavours are becoming more popular with consumers.
  • Fri, 14 Jan – Coffee Equity Lab to launch Coffee Equity Design Challenge. Led by the Vanderbilt University, the course will host a series of coffee sustainability and equity workshops. Participants will use research to create and prototype educational tools targeted at specific challenges in the coffee industry. The course will begin on 19 January.

Here are a few news stories from previous weeks that you might find interesting. Take a look.

  • Tue, 28 Dec – Unofficial Starbucks franchise opens in Caracas, Venezuela. Starbucks solely operates through Nestlé Venezuela, which is the only authorised distributor of Starbucks products in the country. The fake Starbucks store, named “We Proudly Serve”, could potentially face legal action for copyright infringement.
  • Sat, 8 Jan – Starbucks Arizona store granted union election vote. The US National Labour Relations Board stated employees at the Mesa, Arizona location will have until 28 January to cast their votes. Since a store in Buffalo, New York voted to unionise last month, Starbucks employees at locations in Boston, Chicago, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Seattle have also filed to unionise.

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