July 13, 2021

Introducing PDG Education: Certified on-demand courses from specialty coffee professionals


For years, Perfect Daily Grind has sought to provide accessible, authoritative, and educational content that covers every aspect of the coffee sector. 

In line with this philosophy, and our mission to provide as many people as possible with the resources they need to thrive in the industry, we are proud to announce the official launch of PDG Education

PDG Education is an e-learning platform that provides certified on-demand specialty coffee courses for people all across the sector. Read on to learn more about it and the content the platform has launched with.

Take a look at our on-demand specialty coffee courses here.

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The need for education

Perfect Daily Grind receives millions of page views every year. Our articles are shared with hundreds of thousands of followers across a range of social media channels. 

We currently produce content in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to reach people across the coffee sector, from producers and traders to roasters, baristas, and consumers.

But our mission to deliver this content and drive awareness across the coffee sector has led us to realise that people want more. 

We have identified the need for an alternative coffee education solution that offers something for actors at every step of the supply chain – not just roasters or baristas, for example.

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What are PDG Education’s objectives?

Through PDG Education, we are bringing highly skilled coffee professionals together to share their knowledge with a global audience. 

To do this, we work with industry-leading instructors from across the supply chain to create on-demand, video-led educational content. These courses are, above all else, comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible. 

They also come with certificates of completion, allowing you to showcase your commitment to learning more about the industry in job interviews, meetings with potential clients, or your LinkedIn profile.

By offering this content, we believe PDG Education can bridge educational gaps in the coffee industry. Students will be able to access educational resources that are usually reserved for high-level professionals or championship contenders. 

Once enrolled, students can learn at their own pace, without the need to attend classes at specific points in time – it is completely flexible.

PDG Education also supports its instructors to share their knowledge with others while developing passive income streams.

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Instructors & courses

PDG Education currently offers several courses, led by industry leaders from across the coffee community.

Once completed, these certified coffee courses will come with official certificates of completion, signed by the professionals leading the course.

The platform has launched with the following courses, but we are currently working with new instructors to develop more content – so keep checking on the PDG Education website here.

In addition, we’re also looking for more instructors – so if you’re interested in using your coffee expertise to educate people while receiving passive income, you can reach out to us here.

Karl Wienhold

Karl Wienhold is a consultant, researcher, and organiser of postcolonial rural development and agricultural value chains. He’s also the author of Cheap Coffee and a regular contributor at Perfect Daily Grind.

His first PDG Education course is titled Introduction To The Green Coffee Supply Chain. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the coffee supply chain, from bean to cup.

The course description is as follows: “We will analyse the main actors in the chain and their roles. We will also present the processes coffee goes through from the seed that is planted, to the cherry harvested, to the green bean exported, to the beverage in your cup. Additionally, the relationships between supply chain actors and inflection points represented by nodes of the chain will be discussed.

“These structures and systems will be presented objectively and ethical questions will largely be left to students to evaluate independently until they are brought up in subsequent courses in the program.”

The course comprises 120 lessons across eight modules, each with a final exam and reading guide. It is targeted at aspiring green coffee traders and coffee professionals who want to learn more about the wider supply chain.

Artisan Coffee School

Artisan Coffee School is a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified training centre based in London that offers courses on barista skills, brewing techniques, and roasting, among other areas.

It was founded in 2015 by Edwin and Magda Harrison, after they opened the first Artisan Coffee café back in 2011. PDG Education currently offers three Artisan Coffee School courses.

Advanced Brewing Techniques: Infusion

“In this course, Katie Thompson, the Head of Training at Artisan Coffee School, guides you through an advanced understanding of infusion coffee brewing, exploring variables such as coffee to water ratio, water quality, grind particle size, temperature and brewing time. This course will also look at different techniques in infusion brewing, such as the influence of materials, brew turbulence and coffee storage.”

The course comprises nine lessons and aims to expand your knowledge of infusion brewing methods (such as pour over and batch brew). 

Advanced Brewing Techniques: Immersion

“In this course, Katie Thompson, the Head of Training at Artisan Coffee School, guides you through advanced techniques in immersion brewing and how each affects the flavour and extraction of coffee. 

“We will explore the different variables in the preparation of coffee, such as coffee to water ratio, water quality, grind particle size, temperature and brewing time. This course will also look at different techniques in immersion brewing, such as brew turbulence, coffee storage and use of filters.”

The course comprises 11 lessons which focus on immersion brewing methods, like the French press, AeroPress, or Clever Dripper.

Everything You Need To Know Before Opening A Coffee Shop

Owning and operating a coffee shop is a dream that many people who work in the coffee industry share. This course explores the essential knowledge, practices and challenges that each aspiring business owner should know before opening their own coffee shop.

“In this course, Edwin Harrison of Artisan Coffee School teaches students about what it takes to plan, launch, and manage a retail coffee business. Included in this course are modules on writing a business plan, planning your products and services, developing a marketing plan, identifying challenges and barriers, deciding on location, building a successful team, understanding costs and margins, budgeting and cash flow forecasting, and much more.”

The course comprises 14 lessons, which equip students with the knowledge they need to open a coffee shop.

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We’re incredibly excited about the launch of PDG Education. We believe that this platform will benefit actors all across the supply chain by providing the global coffee community with access to high-quality educational content, available on demand and certified by industry leaders.

Whether it’s a course on the coffee trade, brewing techniques, or the business of opening a coffee shop, the platform has something for everyone. We’re also working to add more content over the coming weeks, so make sure you keep checking in.

PDG Education courses are currently available at a discounted price to celebrate the launch of the platform. Visit the website for more details.

Perfect Daily Grind

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