July 23, 2021

Coffee News Recap, Jul 23: WCC to be held at HostMilano, Brazil frosts drive coffee price increases & other stories


Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week. Here are this week’s stories.

  • Monday, 19 Jul – Dunkin’ opens first store in Morocco. The store opened in Rabbat City, with more locations planned throughout the year. The new café will be operated by franchisee Alamar Foods Company, which currently operates 35 Dunkin’ locations in Egypt.
  • Monday, 19 Jul – McDonalds partners with Loop to trial reusable cup scheme. Six UK restaurants will charge customers £1 (US $1.38) for a Loop cup, consequently giving them a 20p (US $0.33) discount when buying hot beverages. Customers can then return the polypropylene plastic cups at Loop stations for cleaning and reuse.
  • Monday, 19 July – CEPEA index for arabica reaches new nominal records. For the July 2020 to June 2021 period, the index closed at 726.26 BRL per bag (US 138.25 cents) – an increase of 5.5% compared to the previous season. Average crop values are now the highest since 2016/17.
  • Tuesday, 20 Jul – Higher Grounds sells exclusive Peru microlot. The Peruvian Jeinner Cubas Vasquez coffee is part of the company’s Apex Series. Pre-orders are available for 10 oz. (283g) whole bean bags, with roasting set for 28 July. Only 152 pounds of this exclusive Geisha coffee were produced.
  • Tuesday, 20 Jul – Allpress Espresso launches new capsules. The Espresso Blend capsules are Nespresso-compatible and include specialty-grade coffee. The capsules are made from aluminium and can be recycled using the Allpress Espresso dedicated scheme.
  • Tuesday, 20 Jul – Breville launches first iced coffee maker. The Breville Iced Coffee Maker can brew iced coffee beverages in just four minutes by cooling concentrated, hot brewed coffee. Each machine includes an insulated tumbler.
  • Tuesday, 20 Jul – Lavazza launches three new ¡Tierra! organic products. The Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees include ¡Tierra! for Planet, ¡Tierra! for Africa, and ¡Tierra! for Amazonia. The ¡Tierra! product range supports environmental protection and biodiversity initiatives.
  • Tuesday, 20 Jul – MTPak Coffee publishes article on G7 Summit and specialty roasters. The G7 Summit was held last month in the UK, focusing on Covid-19 recovery and reducing carbon emissions. The commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 could lead many roasters to move towards zero-emission roasting and more sustainable packaging options.
  • Tuesday, 20 Jul – Frosts in Brazil increase coffee prices. Temperatures in Minas Gerais reached the lowest levels since 1994, causing significant damage to coffee plants and orange groves. Futures for arabica increased by 7.7% to US 165.50 cents/lb – the highest since 2016. More frosts are expected next week in Brazil.
  • Wednesday, 21 Jul – Heifer International to host webinar on Verified Living Income model. Heifer partnered with Bellwether Coffee and Sustainable Harvest to create the model for developing a minimum fair price for coffee farmers. Heifer CEO and President, Pierre Ferrari, will host the webinar, entitled How a New Approach to Pricing Can Improve Livelihoods in Coffee Farming Communities on 10 August.
  • Thursday, 22 Jul – Lilk launches two plant-based milk blends. The Common Blend consists of rice and oat, while the Lush Blend is made with coconut, oat, and quinoa. Lilk is the first European brand to use recyclable paperboard Combidome packaging.
  • Thursday, 22 Jul – Young Ambassadors Society partners with ICO for virtual roundtable. The online event hosted several sessions, focusing on sustainability issues and career progression for young people in the coffee industry. The final declaration of the event – summarising challenges and potential solutions – will be shared with G20 leaders.
  • Friday, 23 Jul – Storm partners with 17th annual Lago Film Fest. The Italian espresso machine manufacturer will promote a new competition, Princìpî Awards, at the festival, which takes place from 23 July to 1 August. The Princìpî Awards honours global short film directors aged 25 and under.
  • Friday, 23 Jul – CaféSmart 2021 to take place from 2 to 8 August. The annual campaign raises funds for homeless individuals and communities in Australia. Participating cafés will encourage customers to donate the equivalent of a cup of coffee via QR codes.

Here are a few news stories from previous weeks that you might find interesting. Take a look.

  • Wednesday, 14 Jul – Black Rifle Coffee Company distances brand from far-right political groups. The self-proclaimed “pro-military” roaster is popular among US conservatives, and turned over US $163 million in 2020. Co-founder Evan Hafer stated his personal disagreement with alt-right groups, such as Proud Boys and those involved in the January US Capitol insurrection.
  • Sunday, 18 Jul – World Coffee Research releases 2020 annual report. The organisation evaluated 82 varieties and accessions for possible commercial release. The report confirmed seed purity to support the planting of 28.5 million trees every year. The report is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

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