April 30, 2021

Coffee News Recap, Apr 30: Hario releases W60 brewer, World AeroPress Championship to return & other stories


Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week. Here are this week’s stories.

  • Monday, 26 Apr – PDG Brasil hires its first editor. This announcement has come in the wake of increased traffic to the Brazilian publication. PDG’s Relationship Manager Nicholas Yamada says: “Brazil has never had a publication dedicated to delivering high-quality educational content from farm to cup. In our first year, we saw rapid growth in pageviews from all over the country.” PDG Brasil is welcoming Giuliana Bastos as the publication’s editor in chief, and will leverage her experience to support the publication in providing Brazilians with higher-quality coffee content.
  • Monday, 26 Apr – World AeroPress Championship to return in 2021. After a year-long hiatus, the competition is set to host its 13th season later this year. From May to September, 30 nations will host local competitions, with the finals set to be judged virtually from Melbourne.
  • Monday, 26 Apr – Hario launches W60 Dripper. In collaboration with 2013 World Barista Champion, Pete Licata, the equipment manufacturer has released a dripper that is compatible with both flat-bottom and cone-shaped filters. Brewers can use regular V60 paper filters, a custom-designed mesh filter, or both at the same time. The W60 is currently only sold in Taiwan and Korea.
  • Monday, 26 Apr – Barry Callebaut announces Peter Boone as new CEO. Starting September 2021, Peter will succeed Antoine de Saint-Affrique, who served as CEO since 2015. Peter has acted as President Americas of Barry Callebaut since September 2017, and first joined the company in 2012 as CIO.
  • Tuesday, 27 Apr – Black-owned Javae Coffee partners with black-owned businesses to promote Haitian coffee. The Nashville-based importer and roaster focuses primarily on Haitian-grown coffee, reinvesting 10% of profits into local projects benefiting Haitian communities. Javae partnered with Guidance Whiskey earlier this year on a coffee-infused whiskey, and is set to partner with a black-owned winery and a black-owned restaurant in the coming months.
  • Tuesday, 27 Apr – Oatly is one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies. With global demand for the company’s range of oat-based products continuing to increase – along an IPO on the cards and plans to open one of the world’s biggest plant-based factories in the UK – TIME names Oatly as one of the most influential companies in 2021.
  • Tuesday, 27 Apr – Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee launches in UK market. Hailing from Louisiana, the founders relocated to the UK to launch New Orleans-style cold brew. Cold Brew Coffee Black and Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk both contain ethically sourced coffee and come in pre-recycled aluminium cans.
  • Wednesday, 28 Apr – Acme and Coffee Collective announce collaboration on new cup range. The Danish roaster is already using the cups, which include rounded bases that allow espresso and milk to mix more evenly. The cups are available in three sizes, with the espresso cup slightly larger than previous Acme models to “enhance aroma”.
  • Wednesday, 28 Apr – Tricolate Brewer enters global market. The Australian brewer is designed like a French press, with an 80mm screen that allows for more even water dispersion. Early units are sold out, but pre-orders are available from May.
  • Wednesday, 28 Apr – Roasted Bean Box launches data-driven coffee subscription service. The Montréal coffee subscription start-up allows customers to access an online personalised account, where they can rate purchases and alter their preferred cup profiles. Roasted Bean Box then uses this data to understand what consumers may look for in future products.
  • Wednesday, 28 Apr – BeanCurious subscription service launches in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong service sources coffee from international roasters and delivers directly to consumers in the country, providing coffees that are otherwise not available locally. Weekly subscriptions cost between HKD 88 and HKD 292 (US $11.34 to 37.61).
  • Thursday, 29 Apr – Coffee Knowledge Hub announces partnership with Cup of Excellence. The online learning platform will deliver CoE Sensory Education Training courses that explore award-winning coffees from farmers, roasters, and importers. The first course is set to take place on August 13, but another date may be set in July to meet demand.
  • Thursday, 29 Apr – Trabocca launches Ethiopian Flavour Profile project. After cupping hundreds of Ethiopian coffees, the importer has created general flavour profiles for every popular coffee-growing region in the country. The first profile focuses on natural processed Guji coffee.
  • Thursday, 29 Apr – Costa Coffee offers all at-home coffee products for 50p per item. In keeping with the chain’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Costa allowed all registered Costa Coffee Club members to purchase from their canned, R&G, and capsules ranges. Customers were granted a maximum of three purchases per transaction.
  • Friday, 30 Apr – Weber Workshops launches HG-2 countertop manual grinder. The coffee equipment manufacturers included 83mm titanium-coated conical burrs in the new model. A magnet built into the base centres the grinding vessel, while an integrated stirring rod evenly distributes grounds to minimise clumping.

Here are a few news stories from previous weeks that you might find interesting. Take a look.

  • Thursday, 22 Apr – Colectivo Coffee launches new Blue Moon Tea Latte. The beverage includes butterfly pea flower tea, raspberry syrup, milk, and marshmallows. The Wisconsin and Illinois coffee chain designed the drink with inspiration from Blue Moon Ice Cream.
  • Friday, 23 Apr – Sensible Development to host Exclusive Coffees Private Auction from Costa Rica on June 24. Sensible Development provide specialty auction platforms to coffee producers, and will host the event for Costa Rican direct traders, Exclusive Coffees. On May 18 & 19, ACE will help to analyse the 40 samples selected for the “Costa Rica: Exclusive & Exotic Varietal Collection 2021” auction. Based on previous samples, all coffees scored 88+ points.
  • Friday, 23 Apr – La Colombe releases three new RTD beverages. The Extra Bold 42 oz. Cold Brew uses fully washed and dark roasted Brazilian beans, while the Nitro Cold Brew With Lemon is made from Colombian coffee and Sicilian lemon extract. The Philadelphia has also launched the Hazelnut Draft Latte, the latest flavour in their Draft Latte range.
  • Sunday, 25 Apr – DMCC to launch Cocoa Centre in mid-2021. The DMCC Coffee Centre will initially launch a limited range of cacao products and services, with the foundation for longer-term expansion. The free trade company already has connections to cacao stakeholders in west Africa and South America.