December 2, 2020

The Perfect Daily Grind holiday gift guide 2020


There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult and unpredictable year for all of us across the coffee sector. At the end of March, one in five people in the world were in some kind of lockdown, which meant that approximately 95% of global out-of-home coffee businesses were forced to temporarily close their doors.

However, almost nine months on, things are changing; families and friends across the world are adapting and finding new and innovative ways to celebrate with one another, in person or otherwise. While spending time apart during the holiday season is always difficult, you can always send a gift to let someone know you’re thinking of them. 

Read on for a comprehensive list of our recommended coffee gifts for 2020, split into three categories to cater for any budget. 

Gift guide

Stocking Fillers

Here are some great gift options for smaller items at a lower price range.

Trying A New Roaster

USD 5.76 to 16.00, EUR 4.86 to 13.51, GBP 4.37 to 12.13 

Beans from a new roaster are a great gift for home coffee brewers in the holiday season. We’ve put together a few below from all across the world.

Dimello Coffee is a family-owned roaster based in Athens, Greece. It roasts for espresso and filter using high-quality green coffee, and offers both blends and single origins as wholebean. It also sells preground coffee and capsules.

Higher Grounds is a certified B Corp roaster in the US that donates 1% of all profits to On The Ground, a partner non-profit that aims to socially and economically uplift coffee-growing communities. Higher Grounds sells roasted coffee from a variety of origins and across a range of profiles, with national delivery across the US in two to five working days. We recommend their coffees from the DRC, either from Muungano or Kawa Kanzururu.

Chica Bean, based in Guatemala, exports roasted coffee internationally. The roaster offers a range of coffees across different processing methods and roast profiles. Every bag that is sold supports and empowers female coffee farmers in Guatemala. Shipping is direct to the US within a week of the roast date.

AeroPress Go

USD 31.95, EUR 26.99, GBP 24.22 

The AeroPress Go by AeroPress has been designed for ultimate portability and convenience. Inside the newly designed, fully contained mug, you can fit all the equipment you need to brew a great cup of coffee, no matter where you are.

If you or someone you know is heading back to the office in the new year, the AeroPress Go is a great, safe alternative to using a communal office coffee pot.

Green Coffee For Home Roasters

Prices available on enquiry.

For the home roaster in your life, green coffee from a new region is a great gift that lets them experiment with new origins, varieties, and processes. 

Royal Coffee, for example, have an exclusive Crown Jewels range that can be purchased as either 1lb bags or 22lb boxes, perfect for home roasters based in the US.

Each Crown Jewel also comes with in-depth information about how it should be roasted and brewed.

For home roasters based in Europe and the UK, Falcon Micro are a “select specialty coffee” supplier providing a “new versatile way to buy specialty green coffee”.

Falcon’s coffees come in 5kg boxes to provide roasters with increased flexibility and freedom, and they supply coffees from all around the world.

Gift guide

Umeshiso Cupping Spoons

USD 6.67 to 35.36, EUR 5.71 to 29.89, GBP 5.11 to 26.74

Umeko Motoyoshi designed these unique spoons as a way to create a more inclusive, relaxed environment during cupping sessions. The four different colours can be purchased in either the “Little Dipper” or “Big Dipper” model, and can be bought individually or as a pack of six. 

These eye-catching spoons are a great gift for anyone passionate about cupping. Additionally, Umeshiso donates the proceeds every month to a range of organisations that empower and support marginalised groups across the world.

Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment

USD 25.00, EUR 21.12, GBP 18.91

Designed to be used exclusively with the AeroPress, the Fellow Prismo AeroPress attachment simply fits on the end of the brewer. It is used as a reusable filter, and its metal screen reduces the number of fines in the cup. 

The Prismo’s no-drip seal helps to prevent spillages, while its pressure-actuated valve allows brewers to create concentrated coffee that can be used to make variants of espresso-based drinks. 


USD 6.52 to 37.92, EUR 5.50 to 32.00, GBP 4.93 to 28.66 

This stylish drinkware and tableware company strikes a balance between aesthetic appeal and usability with their range of coffee and tea mugs

By using a variety of materials – from ceramic to wood – KINTO cups are designed to “inspire and give fulfilment with every touch and use”.

Gift guide

Under The Tree

If you’re after a slightly more substantial gift to really make someone’s year, look no further.

Trying A New Green Coffee Supplier

Prices available on enquiry.

For roasters you know that are looking to try something new, a new green coffee supplier can be one of the most inspiring gifts.

Mercon Specialty provides samples, bags, and pallets from an extensive range of green coffee offerings from 13 different origin countries, with a focus on quality and sustainability.

Balzac Brothers and Company have been importing green coffee for over 95 years, and they have an extensive list of offerings from across Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Caravela Coffee, a certified B Corp, sells Central and South American green coffee, predominantly sourced from smallholder farms. Samples are available on request.

Ally Coffee works closely with farmers in many producing countries across the world, providing high-quality, traceable coffee to roasters all around the world. You can request samples of all of their offerings.

Baratza Encore

USD 139.00, EUR 117.32, GBP 105.00

If someone you know is looking for a new grinder, the Baratza Encore is a perfect option for a homebrewer in your life during the holiday season.

Its steel conical burrs can be adjusted across 40 distinct settings, allowing the user to find the grind they want for the brew method of their choice.

The “new look” Encore was launched earlier this year in black and white, with a design that looks at home in any kitchen. 

Ally Online Course

USD 35.00 to 235.00, EUR 29.54 to 197.90, GBP 26.44 to 177.52 

Ally Open courses are a great option for coffee professionals of any skill level who are looking to grow and develop their skills.

All the courses available are offered as online learning and can be set at any pace, and even come with a certificate on completion.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

USD 149.00, EUR 125.45, GBP 112.43 

The Stagg EKG electric kettle is a sleek, minimalist pour over kettle that supplier Fellow describes as “the electric pour over kettle for coffee lovers”.

Its variable temperature control, range of colours, and reduced heating times make it a versatile option for brewers of any skill level. It also features optional Bluetooth connectivity to the Acaia app, allowing the user to fine-tune their brewing variables. 

Flair NEO Manual Espresso Machine

USD 119.00, EUR 100.20, GBP 89.77

The Flair NEO manual espresso maker is an affordable and unusual way to make espresso at home that is available in two different colours.

Flair describe the NEO as “environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and fun”. It comes equipped with a flow-control portafilter that ensures even extraction without the need for electricity. 

Brewista Smart Scale II

USD 89.99, EUR 75.75, GBP 67.80

Brewista’s rechargeable Smart Scale II can measure up to 2kg and is accurate to 0.1g, meaning the user can precisely weigh, grind, and brew coffee at a range of weights.

It also comes complete with auto tare and auto time functionality for additional support, and can be pre-programmed for both espresso and filter. Finally, the Smart Scale II comes equipped with a plastic cover and water-resistant pad, making it resistant to both water and heat damage.

Premium Gifts

If you’re looking to treat the extra-special coffee professional in your life, you might be looking for gifts that come with a premium price tag. Look below for a few ideas.

Rancilio Silvia Pro Espresso Machine

Price available on request.

Rancilio Group’s Silvia Pro espresso machine is a compact, single-group espresso machine designed for home use.

Its simple, user-friendly interface helps home brewers brew delicious espresso, while its steam wand creates high-quality microfoam.

It also comes equipped with two independent boilers, a digital display, and a two-litre water reservoir that can easily be removed for cleaning and descaling.

Acaia Orion Coffee Doser

USD 850.00, EUR 715.66, GBP 640.60

This sleek countertop coffee doser is a premium product that promises consistency, accuracy, and reliability. The Orion is a fully automatic weighing and dosing system that can weigh 20g in three seconds with an error margin of just two or three beans.

It comes with three distinct modes, an “intuitive dial interface”, and can even be set up to continuously dose beans into multiple containers with just a single button press.

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima

Price available on request.

The E1 Prima is a single-group espresso machine that provides the user with the “Victoria Arduino coffee experience… whenever and wherever”.

Victoria Arduino’s most recent machine, the E1 Prima can be connected to a companion app to allow for full digital control of a range of brewing variables.

Designed in partnership with a number of key coffee sector stakeholders, the E1 Prima uses its cutting-edge New Engine Optimization (NEO) engine to instantly heat water while minimising energy consumption.

Gift guide

Across a range of price points, this list provides a number of gift options for the brewers, baristas, roasters, and coffee professionals in your life.

In a year when spending time with the people you care about has never been more difficult, it’s more important than ever to buy thoughtful gifts and really make a difference.

Happy holidays from all of us at Perfect Daily Grind!

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All prices in this article were converted from US dollars to EUR and GBP using the XE currency converter in November 2020. Prices are also subject to change.

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