August 31, 2020

PDG launches agency dedicated to the coffee sector


Following demand from stakeholders across the supply chain, we’re delighted to announce the official launch of Perfect Daily Grind’s international agency, PDG Media.

We found that we were being approached by organisations who were unhappy with traditional digital marketing agencies because they lacked coffee sector expertise and didn’t have the right network. 

As a result, we founded PDG Media to deliver quality content rooted in an understanding of the coffee industry. We provide digital marketing, social media management, and value chain consultancy services exclusively for the coffee sector.

Our aim is to help both public and private sector organisations tell their stories in a compelling way. We want to deliver quality content and help organisations all across the supply chain to achieve long-term, sustainable impact in the industry.

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PDG Media

An Agency Grounded In Coffee Sector Expertise

There are thousands of creative agencies out there that understand digital marketing – but nowhere near as many who understand the coffee sector. 

Our insight as the world’s first trilingual coffee publication and our experience organising international events such as Producer & Roaster Forum put us in a unique position. PDG Media was born out of demand for an agency who understood the coffee industry. It’s this understanding that sets us apart from others.

By leveraging our expertise, our editorial experience, and the skills of the wider PDG team, our full-service agency provides a suite of products and services dedicated to delivering impact in the coffee sector.

PDG Media

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has never been more important. We recognise this and we understand that organisations all across the coffee supply chain need to deliver quality content to captivate and convince their audience.

Our bespoke media packages provide an all-encompassing digital marketing solution for organisations in the coffee industry. They are completely tailored to each individual client.

You might want a website without the hassle. Or maybe regular copy delivered for your website’s blog post. Perhaps even a newsletter to keep in touch with former, current, and prospective clients. Our services include:

  • Content creation
  • Newsletters
  • End-to-end website development
  • Brand development
  • Advertising
  • Virtual events and webinars

Social Media

Without a comprehensive, well-planned social media strategy, you miss out on a huge number of opportunities to connect with your audience every single day.

Social media already plays a massive role in most of our lives. The best brands out there recognise this. They come across as forward-thinking and relevant to engage their target audience.

To help organisations across the coffee sector get the most out of their social media presence, we offer a number of services. They include:

  • A custom social media strategy
  • Full social media management
  • Accessible analytics reports
  • Community management
  • Influencer marketing
PDG Media

Value Chain Consultancy

As well as providing digital marketing and social media services rooted in coffee expertise, we also offer value chain consultancy services.

This might mean helping a business prepare for market entry or roll out a new ecommerce platform. Alternatively, it could be supporting an NGO or trade association with a new initiative to promote a certain origin.

Our understanding of the supply chain and our global team of professionals means we can provide organisations all across the sector with valuable insight through our consultancy arm.

Whether you’re launching a new project or looking to boost the exposure of an existing brand, PDG Media can help. Our global team’s sector-wide expertise sets us apart from other normal consultancies and media agencies.

Rather than providing you a pre-made package, we tailor our services based on your goals and targets. We’ve already delivered projects for industry-leading brands and international coffee associations. Your organisation could be next.

Visit the PDG Media website to learn more about the services your coffee business could benefit from.

Photo credits: Carlos Santana

Perfect Daily Grind

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